Bed Time

The major issue in every mums life: BEDTIME
What time does kasra sleep? 
How many times does he get up? 
Does he sleep in his own bed?
How many naps does he take?
How long does he nap for?
Does he have a  routine?

Kasra doesn't really have a strict "routine' , because it doesn't really work out for my lifestyle to be honest with you, i went through a bit of a dilemma where i was so adornment that i was a bad mummy because he wasn't in bed by 8. It doesnt make me a bad mummy actually it makes me a really good mum because id rather have a happy little bunny than see my bubba cry for hours ,but as everyone else calls it "controlled crying".

I think every mummy has to do what's best for their life style, as i don't work i don't have to get up at a ridiculous time in the morning.
We wake up at 10.30/11, Breakfast, Shower, Snack, bit of running around and playing with toys and then out the house to burn all that energy my bubba has, even if it's just going for a walk. 
Nap time around 3 o'clock, for an hour/half, Dinner, playtime and then we have a night shower around 8.30 for about 45 minutes/1hour and then i start getting him ready for bed, Bedtime is usually around 10.30. 

Kasra gets up atleast 3 times during the night for his feed, because i still breast feed so he is so used to getting up, its more for comfort rather than hungry. He sleeps next to me, i have never really tried to put him down in his cot as i love sleeping next to him and its much easier for me when i feed him.
Does he not fall out of the bed?
Well i have a low bed, and he has learnt how to climb out of the bed which i thought was really dangerous at first but he walks out the room for 2 minutes and then climbs back into bed.

When i first put him into nursery, the lady asked me all these bed time questions, i just looked at her and said "i don't know, i don't know" i literally felt like i needed to cry, but matter of fact i do know all the answers to these questions but it's just not the same answer as every other mum. 

I did try to a "routine" where Kasra wakes up earlier and sleeps earlier, it took me 3 days, however that routine wasn't for me as he was in bed by 9. Which left me stuck at home meaning i can't make no plans, also left me shattered where i had to wake up earlier too, but i still would go to bed late. Also waking up earlier, meant i was bored by 12 o'clock.
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What is your bubba's bed time "routine"?

Lots of Love

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