Paradise Park

Top-GAP Kids
Shorts-GAP Kids
Loafers-GAP Kids
Jelly Shoes-PROFILE

Mummys Outfit (excuse the hair)
Bird Print Dress-  ZARA
Cut Out Boots- Choies
Necklace- TOPSHOP

PARADISE PARK was amazing! I literally haven't enjoyed myself in such a long time. I really recommend it to all mummys it's such a lovely day out, don't get me wrong my forward planning was to go to Drusilla's Park, however i am so happy my best friend recommended this place.

Firstly, it was really easy to find (driving there), but when we turned into the carpark i was not impressed AT ALL, it just looked like a small little abonded garden centre but when they say 'dont judge a book by the cover' that is definition for Paradise Park. (i wanted to leave and go ahead with plan A: Druisilla's).

First of all we went thru the Dinasour/planet earth exhibition which wasnt too great as it was inside and it was scorching outside (but would we have loved it on a rainy day) then it led us to the Paradise Gardens which kasra spent a good 30 minutes looking at the amazing fish, he loved it so much, im defiently taking him back there.

They had a train for the kids which looked absolutely AMAZING, which we were going round the whole complex and just my luck we miss the last train going round, which i was so gutted about!! it looked so good ( next time). PLAYTIME  .Im a big kid at heart.
This place really has it all, soft play garden centre, cafe, outdoor activity and i even bought a little cactus for bubba! I didn't feel like i was in England, i genuinely felt like i was in a tropical island like Cuba.

Thank god for that spare bag of clothes that i carry, i had to change him twice and his new loafers kept falling off because they were slightly big, but kasra's cute D&G jelly shoes saved him, and they go with every outfit. He really blended in with all the cactus's "CAMO" .

Have you ever been Unexpectedly Surprised by a 'Garden Centre'?

Lots of Love

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