Salmon Dinner

Dinner Time! Salmon, and boiled vegetables.

Well let's say i deteste  dinner time with a passion, Kasra doesnt eat anything unless he is holding the spoon and is making a mess, which i can't stand but i have to close my eyes and let him get on with it otherwise he won't eat
Ive made Fish, HOPING he will eat it, he ate a little and the rest was either on his high chair or on the floor. I try to make him try all textures and all kind of food, so he won't be a picky eater in the future but it honestly is one of the hardest things, as i run out of ideas what to make him as 99% he doesnt even eat it.

I make one version for myself to feed Kasra, and one for himself which is "finger food".

What do you do to make dinner, actually fulfill the little ones stomach?

Lots of Love 

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