Saturday Chill

Long Sleeved Top-H&M Sale
Cap- H&M

Saturday's are one the days of the week i really don't like, it's just so heaving everywhere, and Brighton gets all the tourist, so going in the buggy is a no no, shopping is a no no and the beach, park basically everywhere is no no,heaving...
I got a present from my husband today, im a very happy bunny!
It starts with a C ends with a N, It takes beautiful pictures, has a flash and its black
what is it??

So a chilled Saturday to see the Grandparents!

My Saturday night's before i got married and had child used to be my favourite night of the week, it ment lets get drunk and party, go shopping and get ready round a friend's house.
 Now they consists of let's go out and eat, watch Saturday night TV. How exciting does that sound. Let's be honest i'm not missing out on anything what so ever i rather be at home, sounds so boring but so true, the only bit i miss is going shopping for going out. Also when i do go out it's alot more fun because it's every so often.

These beautiful Panache shorts similar to the JojoMamanBebe shorts featured in my Superhero's post, which i bought from Spain, matched with a cute little stripey sea side top from H&M Sale such a bargain, along with his white cap to protect him from the sun.

What do you think of Kasra's chilled saturday look?

Lots of Love

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