Summer Clean

Guess what i've been doing all day?

Im sweating and getting hot flushes, while im doing a summer clean throughout the flat, their is nothing nicer then your own touch to your home. I've been putting it off for a while with all the nice weather but today is the DAY. 
(looking out the window and swearing at myself asking myself: WHY TODAY?)

Home is where the heart is.. I sincerely believe this, a women makes a house a home, and i love decorating, since i've moved in with my husband i think i have changed the furniture around at least 40 times- no lie! Whenever someone comes round they always ask, was it like this when i last came round? and the answer is always no.
Even though I'm lucky enough to have a cleaner which comes more or less everyday its still not clean, believe it or not. I don't why it just wont stay clean, it's either because we are working with a small area or the pollution from outside from living in the centre of town, either way it just won;t stay clean. And on top of that little bubba running around destroying everything.
I live in a two bedroom flat, its just the right size however sometimes i wish i had a bigger house but we tried moving out and i prefer our flat. 
As Kasra nearly owns half of TOYRUS toys its so hard find a place for all his stuff, so i've re-arranged his play area so he can actually access it without falling over his toys.

And Now, as i write this time to relax. A well deserved seafood salad and cider from my favourite restaurant PICCOLO Italian Restaurant, Brighton, delivered to my door.

How do you make space for bubba's toys?

Lots of love

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