Water Time

Bath time is mine and Bubby's favourite time of the day, its so much fun!
Toy Story Hooded Towel- Disney Store
Bath Tub Set- Mothercare
Basically Kasra had nursery today and as usual he came back looking like he had been working at a factory of some sort, sand everywhere (i hate sand, so i wouldn't take him to play in the sand pit in the park, so im glad he can do that at nursery where i can't see it) when i say everywhere i genuinely mean it, even down his nappy, and very sweaty. 
So the first thing when we get home is water time, he even shakes his arms when you say water time he loves it that much. He had 3 showers today. His daily morning shower, after nursery and after dinner time he had the time of his life today my little water baby.

In the beginning i didn't really enjoy 'bath' time, because we dont have a bath in our house so it wasn't as much fun, but then when he was a few months old i started using a chair (HERE) which made my life so much easier as it was so hard with the baby tub, as filling it up was such a nightmare BUT the tub has now come handy in my shower as i just fill it up as his bath and he sits in their and plays with the shower running. Sometimes i don't bother with the tub and he literally stand underneath the water, so cute(his actually a little human being now).
How do you make bath time fun?
Lots of Love

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