Yellow Samurai


 Ralph Lauren Jumper-Tk Maxx
 Black Jersey Leggings- H&M
Yellow Samurai Bike-Toys'r'us

TkMaxx kids is finally back in Brighton, one of my favourite shops for bubba as they have everything however it is all luck, and i was very lucky to find this Ralph Lauren jumper, unfortunatley they don't do it online so pop in store and see if you can get lucky.

Yes i no i have a boy, a very cute one aswell, and yes i no his wearing girls leggings but let me justify myself. First of all they are black so that means unisex, and secondly boys jeans are so tough and uncomfortable so girls leggings it is, and i must say he has been complimented a few times.

These beautiful shoes i found in the supermarket in Spain randomly i absolutly adore them they are so cute, everyone loves them so ive done my research and you can find asimilar pair from M&S.

It was a lovely day to take Kasra out on his Bike as i have been poorly so i couldn't do much, but having a 13 month old and staying in is not an option as my house will look like a bombsite after a few hours.
At first i was a little bit scared to put Kasra on this yellow bike, because it has no seatbelt or helmet and it is only controlled by his foot as it's electric, but as ive let him ride it a few times at home its safe to say it's safe for outdoors (watching him with four eyes). It must of burnt alot of energy as his fast asleep now as i write this post.

What do you with the little one, to burn the energy?

Lots of Love

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