Breast-Feeding Week

1st Aug- 7th Aug 2013 

World Breastfeeding Week began to be observed in 1990 in the first week of August to emphasise the need to give every newborn the benefit of mother’s milk.

A weeklong celebration commenced in hospitals across the city on Thursday to mark World Breastfeeding Week.
Kasra is now 14 months and i am still breastfeeding- Welldone me! I will be celebrating this week. 
Breastfeeding sounds so easy, well it might be for different people but in my case, i struggled . When bubba was born, i had no clue what i was doing so when the nurses was showing me how to latch bubba on my breast, i just found it so difficult. There is so many different ways of doing it, but the important thing is, to do it the way you feel comfortable. I had a women come round twice a week to support me and show me how bubba should latch on, and different positions.
I went through a difficult time when Kasra was 3 months, i suffered from Mastitis. Not exaggerating it was more painful than giving birth. Its basically a blocked duct so the milk wasn't flowing properly it can be caused by different things, mine was caused because Kasra wasntt latching on properly causing soreness and cracked nipples. It became so painful that bubba couldn't even touch it, but the only way to heel it was by getting the milk out, i tried to pump the milk out however that was unsuccessful . I was in hospital for 2 days where they put an antibiotic drip on me. Mastisis is very common but i think mine was the worst case scenario. 
If you want to read more about breastfeeding and overcoming the problems, please have a look HERE
There are all sorts of clever garments, creams and devices to help you with breastfeeding, i will be sharing some of my favourites with you this week.
Did you breastfeed, if so for how long?
Lots of Love

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