Philips AVENT Nursing pads

World Breast Feeding Week
Leaking Breasts?

It’s normal for your breasts to leak or even spurt milk during the first few weeks after you have your baby. You might find you leak most in the mornings, when your milk supply is at its highest. You might also leak a little from one breast during almost every feed.

Milk leaks can be inconvenient and sometimes embarrassing. But it’s actually a good sign that your body is capable of making lots of milk for your baby.

Don't worry, There is no embarrassing moment's with Philips Avent Nursing Pads.

Philips Avent Nursing Pads- Boots

Philips Avent Nursing Pads were a really good product in the beginning of my breastfeeding as i leaked a lot more than i do now, my breast's would leak during the day a lot, these disposable pads saved my day's. They absorbed all the wetness and i had no embarrassing moments. Thank you Philips. 
I used the disposable pads however they also come in the re-washable ones too however i am too lazy for that. Individually wrapped for hygiene reasons, which is handy if you only want to change one side of you bra, also they are really easy to insert into the bra. Very comfortable during the day i have no complaint's.

I advise this product, Breastfeeding must have!

How do you absorb the leak?

Lots of Love

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