Pinstriped Shirt-Ralph Lauren
Chino Shorts-H&M

The amount of fun me and bubba had playing with this car toy was unbelievable,he controlled it via the remote and then kept chasing it, very fun. This was a gift from bubba's grandad purchased from MODELZONE. Thank you Grandad!
He is a very spoilt boy, but i wouldn't want it any other way. Before i gave birth i kept saying 'i don't want a spoilt baby' well i change my mind, he is my only baby and his too young to understand so why not. He deserves the best.

Kasra went to nursery today and when i picked him up he looked like he had been in World War 3 with the sand pit. Sand everywhere, and i literally mean everywhere. So, me missing him so much even tho it was only a few hours i wanted to do something fun with him and make him look as handsome as he is. 

Bubba is wearing blue pinstriped RALPH LAUREN shirt,(kind of loving RL for bubba at the moment if you haven't noticed) i literally am in love with this shirt it makes him look so adorable, like a 'man', i chose chino shorts from H&M (they are in sale, go!) to tone the outfit down alongside the shirt. For footwear his wearing his moccasins inspired from Mason Dash Disick, and the blue socks to make the outfit his own (plus the shoes fall off, if he doesn't wear them).

Are you a fan of this 'man' look?

Lots of Love

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