Victoria Secret

Victoria Secret

Victoria s Secret ruched bikini

Victoria s Secret ruched bikini

Victoria s Secret ruched bikini

I am on the search for a few bikini's, now my holiday is confirmed and booked.
 We are going to Tunisia!
I am so excited, i've never been to Tunisia so it's going to be a new destination for me. It was such a nightmare booking this holiday as our first initial plan was to stay in our villa in Marbella, but i wanted to go somewhere different as we have already been there this year. Then i was convinced we are going to Turkey but there was hardly any flights(just my luck, so i gave up on Turkey)
 I can't believe this is my 3rd holiday this year so far. It will take a lot for Tunisia to top Mexico. 

I'll let you in on a bit of secret. 
-I have a bikini obsession-
Don't tell anyone please.

How gorgeous are all these 4 Victoria Secret Bikini's/All in one, some people say that i am so fortunate that god gave me such big 'Melons', however i think i am very unfortunate, it's such a pain in the butt trying to find underwear/bikini's that actually fit and as Victoria Secret only goes up to a DD im not in luck lets just say i go over that size by a few more letter's but i am going to risk it as sometimes sizes come up differently in different stores.

Which one or two or three or four to choose??
My eyes are going for the leopard print hmm....They are all gorgeous


Lots of Love 

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