Striped Short one piece-GAP

I am on my 'hospital' bed (not literally) while i upload these pictures, i can't tell you how hard it is to take pics of bubba, i have literally pulled a muscle in my back arghhh so much pain!! 
Such a little wriggly boy with so much energy i love it, i'm not complaining he keeps me active. When i say active, i mean i don't even get to eat my food properly and that's why i'm so skinny, someone help me gain weight!

What a day! A beautiful summer's day... We spent the day chasing birds and throwing stones and indulging in 99p ice cream yum. Jealous?
 I was thinking today- while we were sitting on the beach throwing stones, what i would do without Kasra, he is the joy to my life and brings me so much happiness, i literally can't imagine my life without him. My true love, i don't think anyone can understand the love until you have your own child.

My fun used to be getting ready for a night out, every weekend being intoxicated and on top of that being out every other night doing god knows what until 4 am. I do not miss that life whatsoever.
What is even the meaning behind it all? Don't get me wrong i don't mind going out every now and then to keep me insane but not every night whether it was a friends house or clubbing.I don't regret anything i've done, i think i have just learnt so much, and only i know what i've been through to judge it all.
I'm liking this chapter of my life with bubba.

Bubba is wearing this sweet pastel green one piece , i am trying to make him more all in ones whilst he still can. I personally think it looks so wrong when i see 4-5 year olds wearing an one-piece, but that's my opinion. This was purchased from Baby GAP HERE.

What do you think of this One-Piece?

Lots of Love

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