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Hi guys just a quick hello, to let you all know I won't be posting as much as I have been, as I start my Uni course tomorrow, it's my last year I feel like I've been at uni for a lifetime! It's time to finish this degree once and for all. Please wish me luck.

If I have any spare time for posts I will update you all ,but I doubt it as I have so much going on mummy wife and a fashion student how am I going to cope? I keep asking myself everyday.

 I have been with bubba every day since he was born I can't imagine my days without him I feel so upset about it but that's life, motherhood shouldn't stop everything,as i've done an internship for Alexander McQueen i don't want my experience to go to waste now do i?
I love the fashion industry and all the buzz along with it, attending LFW made me realise fashion is where i fit in, and for the long run 8 months really isn't that long. Hopefully time will fly, I'm just scared I will miss out on small little things, as Kasra amazes me everyday and learns new things everyday.
I just think to myself what will i do when Kasra starts school, then high school, college what will i be doing?
Be a housewife-No thank you, i couldn't think of anything worse.

I will keep you posted
Time to get organised and plan ahead/ two things which are not my forte as I'm more of a last minute girl. 

I now have a diary and a calendar up in the house, first thing for everything hey!

See you soon 


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