2013: If Theres a will, There is a way

The year of knockbacks and comebacks, 2013 has flown by, it has been one big blur but in a good way actually i mean in a really good way. Where shall i start, i will try to summarise it all for you so you get an easy understanding and insight into my crazy little world.

Knowing at the beginning of the year that when it arrives to September 2013, my life will be one hell of a task as i will be starting my last year of my BA(Hons)Fashion Degree, the degree that has been going on which basically feels like half of my life, as i had deffered a year to be a mother to my special bubba, and thank god i did as i was contemplating returning after 3 months what an amazing year it was, their is no other love as in you feel for your own child, its truly life changing until you have your own unfortunatly you just wont understand the feeling until you are in the position, this is coming from me the person whom didnt even want kids until my thirties. So that only means lets have fun whilst I can, and enjoy every minute making memories.

As a mum i feel like everyone has an opinion about this subject, well mostly from outsiders and the people who dont have children themselves: why is she doing that, thats wrong, she should be doing this and so on and the end of the day i have learnt their is no wrong or right in being a mum you have to do what works for you and your lifestyle. I started this blog in July as i felt like i had lost a part of myself and i only felt like a mum i needed to share my passion with someone, any one i needed interaction with the outside world. Dont get me wrong my husband and one of my closest friend would here me go on and on but i needed more. So i wanted to set up a blog, that involved my two loves and passion my baby and fashion so i created Mummys Bubba which is now Mybubbaandme, I changed the name after a few months as i felt like Mummys bubba wasnt justfying us enough. As Kasra would get so many compliments on his clothes and i how i would dress him i got my idea, il start my blog sharing a style diary of how i styled bubbys clothes that way he is involved, and recently i started blogging my own outfits as i was asked alot to do so.

I attended London Fashion Week twice, Graduate Fashion Week, SS14 press days and I got the the pleasure to present my work to the British Fashion Council Creative skill set involving Betty Jackson and product director of jigsaw Barbara Horspool, which landed me an internship at Jigsaw Head of PR, which I helped out with their SS14 press only event, I met some lovely people and it was such an amazing experience. I also got the opportunity to help out at the charity fashion show raising money for the orphans international charity. I was approached by vogue at LFW, LOOK magazine have named me one of my outfits as one of their favourite AW13 street style looks alongside #LOOKoftheday, being featured on ASOS fashion finder, and still on their as one of their most favourites also Collaborating with Grabble and asked to make a wishlist from SheInside also recently attending the GHD event.

I am very proud of my blog and how far it has come in such a short period of time and I look forward where my blog will take me, hoping to receive great opportunities from my hard work and determination. One of the biggest goals which i will do anything in my power is to show my final collection at graduate fashion week in may, this is where where there is a will their is a way comes into my life when i first met my husband thats what he said to me and 3 years later i am happily married with a beautiful healthy child in regards to all the negativity around me. It isn't easy but it's not impossible with the love passion and drive I have to make a success of my career as my husband has offered me one in a lifetime business plan.

Onwards and upwards for 2014.
I wish you all love, happiness and health


  1. Looks like a lovely year! I love the photos :)

    Sarah x

  2. Happy New Year babe! I hope 2014 is as rewarding if not more than 2013 x

    1. Happy new year babe!! Thank you and for you too x


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