If you follow me on any social networking sites such as Twitter and Instagram, you know that im now an ASOS insider.
I was in the hairdressers chair whilst i was reading my e-mails and when i opened this e-mail from asos, i think the guy that was cutting my hair nearly cut half my hair off! Lets just say i had the biggest smile on my face

It feels like it was christmas all over again, and to add to it at the end of the e-mail it said, i will be receiving a little welcome pack, which arrived yesterday.
The anticipation waiting for this post was ridiculous, especially seeing posts by all other bloggers which were also chosen, seeing all the sweet notes i kept wondering what mine would say!
Thank you Louise, for such a sweet note, it is now living on my fridge loud and proud, its such a cute note i love it, and i love the fact that you included my bubba, kasra! Lets say my husband is very proud of me. BONUS.

So what is AccessAllAsos?
As an ASOS insider, I get the opportunity to know about ASOS's new collections, inspirations and adventures. I will get the opportunity to visit ASOS headquaters in London, aswell as invites to exciting events. 
It's all so exciting! I cant wait to get under the skin of ASOS to see how they do what they do.


  1. That sounds amazing. Do you know when you will be visiting? ASOS was huge when I went to university. x

  2. Well done! Looking forward to seeing you at future events?

  3. Wow - huge congrats! Look forward to seeing some of the upcoming trends and sale news from you soon :-)
    Love Vicky

  4. welldone to you , lookig forward to more info x


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