LFW Day 2- where shall i start an amazing day, back-to back events and fashion shows with my best friend textile designer Mona Samandi, a girls dream day. My morning didn't start so amazingly, i came out my house with a completely different look to this yellow H&M Trend coat, i was wearing a fur jacket purchased from H&M again and OH MY GOD it malted everywhere, literally everywhere the woman next to me on the train was covered in my fluff. So i had to rush to a H&M before my event at Marleybone Hotel with Aspinal of London and Glamour Magazine, it was a 999 emergency kind of situation, whilst searching last minute for the perfect outfit, It was love at first sight with this H&M yellow statement coat.
Fashion Blogger Wendy / Thankfifi

Blogger Amy Simmons/Secrets of PR Girl
 Fashion Blogger Kate Rooney/Style Coke - one of the runner ups from the New style Canon comp

Fashion Blogger Tamara Kalinic/Theglamandtheglitter

Textile Designer Mona Samandi-ME-Tamara-Fashion Blogger Zorana Jovanovic/ Zorannah
Mona Samandi-Me-Amy Simmons-Fashion Blogger Carla Webster/ IWEARMYWAGES
Coat- H&M Trend
Jumper- H&M
 Bag- Gucci
This yellow statement coat is perfect for everyday aswell as LFW, if you want to stay warm and spice up your outfit, i wanted to go for more of a casual/ warm outfit as i froze on LFW Day 1 and i felt a cold coming along, my main aim was not to freeze to death and it worked matched with a white buttoned up shirt and my over sized bright orange jumper over it to glam the outfit up a bit. I was like a black sheep, at the Aspinal and Glamour magazine event. It was kind of nice standing out from the crowd obviously in a good way, my key piece in this outfit was my necklace from zara, it weighed a ton but defiantly worth the neck pain as it was gorgeous with all the intricate colours.

 I will go into further details about all the shows and events i attended, and obviously will give you a sneak peak of my backstage fun i had at the Pinghe Show held at the Fashion Scout, Freemasons Hall.

Last season i got snapped for VOGUE and i was over the moon but they didnt use my picture, however just the thought of it made me jump with joy, this season i got snapped by Teen VOGUE & VOGUE Australia which is literally the best news ever, it has made me completely complete alongside Cosmopolitan.

What do you think of the Yellow oversized coat?



  1. Your coat was perf and it was fab to meet you, your day looked so fun! Congrats on the features too :) Hope to see you properly next season! xx

    1. Lovely to meet you too sweety, thank you i had an great weekend. Next season we will plan drinks/dinner xxx

  2. I love the chunky necklace, its very pretty.

  3. Lovely coat! Looks like you had a wonderful few days at LFW. :)

    Georgie xx

    Life in Loafers

  4. I really like your outfit, especially the necklace. I also really love Amy's lilac jumper! So cute.
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