Dress- Zara (current sale)
Shoes- Zara (current sale)
Coat-  FCUK
Bag - Zara (Current sale)

Family Sunday's are always the best, believe or not my husband actually snapped these pictures of me, i am pretty impressed with him i must say, considering he is the most impatient person I've ever met and he didn't actually mind doing it.
I must be doing something right!

Monochrome with a touch of red. 
Red bag and red lipstick, perfect combo to dress up a casual outfit. 
I have a confession to make- basically I loose everything, literally everything I can't tell you the numerous amounts of times I have left my phone and forgotten to pick it up, and guess what I have lost my all time favourite red mac lipstick (both of them. I had 2 exactly the same) so I'm now using the: Rimmel Kate moss lipstick but it's just not the same! 

Someone stop me going into Zara, the sale is just amazing! can I say that again Amazing!!!! I've bought so much, and I want more, what do you think of my red bag and dress (and shoes) sale purchase?


  1. Love this look! I need to wear more red! X

  2. هل تعتقد أن هذه رباط الكاحل الجميلة؟


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