Another fantastic season of London Fashion Week is over, so I would love to share with you all ...
A beginners guide to London Fashion Week which i will be covering everything you need to know to attend shows/ events during Fashion Week and everything else that happens around Somerset House. May i just add i am no professional, i am only expressing my opinions from my own experience as i have only attended three seasons (feb 14 was the first season i attended as a fashion blogger), plus i wish someone had told me some tips before i attended for the first time as it can be quiet overwhelming for a first timer.
I apologise now, if you feel like im rambling on half way through.

Ok, firstly London Fashion Week takes place twice a year (take note) February and September which lasts approximately up to one week, the most on demand fashion weeks are held in New York, London, Milan and Paris (and usually in that order), their is also other important fashion weeks held in places such as Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Hong Kong LA, Dubai etc... 
Funnily enough i get an image of Ugly Betty, whilst i am writing this post. God i miss her!!

All the buzz for LFW happens a good 2/3 months before the release of the show schedule, you have to stay alert and keep checking when they release the show schedules for the dates/times for the designers shows and presentations. They have a new program for bloggers called the 'Affiliate Program' you can be modest like myself and apply however it is basically only for big bloggers (one day) who receive thousands and thousands of views per day, however as amazing the program is, the big bloggers still have to apply for tickets, so everyone is in the same boat. 

The fashion industry is very unfair and challenging in all aspects, their is a lot of competition especially for fashion bloggers as their is so many of us, however it's all about networking so be nice, i believe and have been told that 'it's all about who you know' so if you know someone who works in PR, lucky you!

How do i apply for tickets, and what do i say?

The London Fashion Week website releases designers press e-mails for any one in the fashion industry (bloggers, buyers, journalists etc) a good month before the fashion week starts to apply for invites. Basically you choose who you would like to go and see, and e-mail the designers PR company, me personally i just apply for them all. Remember you have nothing to loose. Yes i know Tom Ford, Vivienne Westwood and Burberry won't be sending me Front Row tickets but it's worth a try, why not!
This is an example of what i would e-mail the designers press contact to request an invite to the show ( this may not be the right way, so don't take my word for it)


>The name of the person handling the press request, make it personal so if it says "Lucy Smith" type
Hello Lucy<

My name is Atosa Nikkhah, i am a fashion blogger and a BA(hons) Fashion Design student over on:
>Make sure you hyperlink your blog address, so it takes them directly to your blog< 

I would love to attend *designers name/show on *date.
 Ive received 20,000 views over a 5month period, having also interned at Alexander McQueen and Jigsaw, my blog has been featured in LOOK Magazine and ASOS, i would love to do a featured post on *designer's name*
>This is the part you brag about your blog, so if you don't receive many views a day possible say how many you get a month, you need to identify that your post will reach the public, the designers want to invite people who will be broadcasting their collection whether it's via social media twitter/instagram etc <
>Make sure you 100% include your address, as sometimes they don't reply to your e-mail but they send out an invite<

Hope to hear from you soon.

Kind Regards
(Keep your e-mail short, sweet and to the point! remembering thousands of people will be applying for the same invite and their is limited spaces, you don't want to bore the person sending out the tickets as they probably don't want to hear your life story either) 


Belle Sauvage, Fashion Scout
Liz Black Presentation, Fashion Scout

  Fashion Scout at Freemason's Hall also have back to back shows with up and coming designer, to be honest it's just as good as Somerset house (with less of the street style and celebrity icons) they are more likely to accept smaller bloggers, like myself!

 The BIG question, What do i wear?

I think to be honest this is my first question, what on earth do I wear!? i advice you to wear something warm and comfortable, don't forget we are in England and it's freezing, you can still look fashionable and glamorous with a coat on, you don't have to be naked to look nice. Wear reasonable shoes, their is a lot of walking  involved during fashion week and standing up, I advice you to pop your heels in your bag until you need them to show off whilst attending the shows. Flat shoes are a must, In my case i wore my uggs (as seen here). Wear something on trend or an upcoming trend. And most importantly be yourself! 
(You might end up in the photographer's pit like i did, best view in the house)

What do i bring with my self?

The less the better, just pop the important stuff into your bag, if you like to carry a small clutch or a bag, bring a small tote with you with all your bits in so don't forget the basics:
Phone, Charger (with all the on going social media updates don't be surprised if your battery runs out before you get there)
Camera, Business Cards, makeup, Hairbrush, Umbrella, Flat shoes, Sunglasses (Just incase you get lucky with a little bit of sun), and most importantly your INVITE!

Fashion Scout’s shows, which are a little less prestigious (but still fantastic all the same) are more likely to accept smaller bloggers and publications, rather than only accepting the large publications and buyers, so bear this in mind when applying! - See more at:
If you have no luck at all even with Fashion Scout and don't receive any ticket's to any shows don't sweat it! All the action happens outside anyway to be honest, you can check out the street style and possible be snapped by major publications as all the major magazines are their on the look out for new trends, i love the street style around Somerset house, you can get so much inspiration and just watch people all day, honestly it doesn't get boring just wrap up warm. The whole atmosphere is immense, i advice anyone to attend fashion week even though you don't have tickets.

Lastly, make the most of your experience and have fun!, don't get too caught up in the shows, it's hard to take a lunch as you don't want to miss out, but food is a must and don't dehydrate yourself.
If all else fails their is always live stream, at the comfort of your own home!

I hope that was helpful if you have anymore question do pop me an e-mail or a tweet, I would love to help! 

Fashion Scout’s shows, which are a little less prestigious (but still fantastic all the same) are more likely to accept smaller bloggers and publications, rather than only accepting the large publications and buyers, so bear this in mind when applying! - See more at:


  1. You have really been very kind and by sharing such a useful post for newbies.Looks like you had a wonderful time.

  2. Great guide! I'm not a fashion blogger but I guess it all looks pretty similar when you want to be invited on any big food shows ;)

  3. How nice of you to share this information its amazing how many bloggers keep this information to themselves. Great tips. Thanks for sharing.


  4. A great guide for anyone wanting to attend London Fashion week. I'm not a fashion blogger but still found this a really interesting read!

  5. This is such an informative & interesting post, thank you for sharing!

    Pixee @ The Glambulance xx

  6. i so wish i could go to one of these one day , please let there be a show in the north east x

  7. I love London Fashion Week and have been a few times, I agree - just email everyone - I got to attend the Mulberry Showcase a few years ago because of this - you never know. Great tips and post

    Laura x

  8. Great guide!
    I really like your example email.. just like you said short and sweet :-)

  9. This is a very useful post and thank you so much for writing it Atosa I did try to apply for the tickets but gave up mid way through because i felt my blog doesn't qualify as it is very small and the page views are very low.

    But I have been to Fashion Weekend and loved the atmosphere and street style is amazing. There is inspiration all around us and it is fun to see people coming out in their best flocks.

    After reading your post, i definitely feel inspired to try out in September, you never know and as you said, I've got nothing to lose. If it doesn't work out then at least pop by Somerset House and just enjoy the day.

    Thank you once again, that was very kind of you to write this post. xx

    Naaj Ronas Lifestyle


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