Armani Three Piece Suit- Profile Fashion
Leggings- Gucci
Shoes- Gucci

Spoiling my bubba is one of my favorite things especially for special occasions, it has a real satisfaction to it whether its Gucci, Armani or Zara and h&m it really doesn't matter as long as he gets spoiled.

I bought Kasra the Armani Junior three piece suit recently which is perfection from Profile, childrenswear is perfect as they come as a set i wish womenswear did too, the grey chevron waistcoat, bowtie and white shirt literally made my heart melt. The great thing about the set is bubba can wear them all separately too. I decided to match it with his Gucci leggings rather than the dark pair of Armani trousers that it came within the set just for bubba's own flexibility and comfort as he's quiet a quick mover.

I've fallen in love with his new Gucci high top sneakers, they are so adorable. I've had my eye on them for quiet a while for bubba as they are super trendy, also the perfect fit plus the side zip ticks all the right boxes for me as tying shoe laces is really not the best with a fidgety 2 year old. 

What do you think of this outfit for my bubba?



  1. how adorable is this outfit and your little boy! what a cutie!

  2. Seriously how cute is this!!! I love dressing up my little man and the bow tie is awesome - amazing little outfit

    Laura x

  3. Atosa he is seriously soooooo gorgeous!! This 3 piece def is perfection, sooo yummy! xx



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