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My tutor Simon Seivewright sadly passed away last year, Friday 13th September due to Brain Tumour after he was diagnosed back in October 2012. Without Simon my collection nor my degree would exist right now, infact i wouldn't even have made it to Graduate Fashion Week. Simon gave numerous chances to stay in my degree as he felt i had a potential talent.

Before i got married and got pregnant i was literally a bit of a lost cause looking back, Young stupid and careless.I didn't really care about my first year of my degree, however Simon felt like i had the ability to do better so he really pushed me in every way he could. Let's just say he didn't believe my 'im sick' excuses (more like i was too hungover too move) and thank god he didn't.Shortly after i met my husband i fell pregnant and he gave me the opportunity to finish my 2nd year right until my due date which i am so grateful for, yes i was sitting at the pattern cutting table hand stitching at 9 months pregnant. Once i had Kasra i was determined to go back in September 2012 to finish my degree, Kasra only being 3 months old i felt like i could do it with the support of my husband and family i just wanted to finish my degree once and for all, however Simon wasn't convinced. He explained to me that their is no greater love than your child's love, he told me about his nieces and how it's important to watch your children grow up exampling how proud he was off his sister. Taking a year out and spending every day with Kasra until October 2013 was the best thing i have ever done seeing my bubba grow up was really priceless and the bond we have now is just unbelievable, I'm so happy i didn't miss any of it, i think it would have killed me if i missed out on the little things such as his first smile.

Unfortunately Simon passed away just before i returned for my final year which was so disheartening as i was looking forward to working with him throughout my final collection, he was so knowledgeable about fashion and the industry he was like your was walking Fashion Thesaurus you can check out his books here, just what i needed in my last year designing my final collection.
He was a true inspiration not just to me but many others!
I stepped into the unknown not knowing anyone from the group (except my friend Amy which had also deferred a year we pushed and helped each other so much as we were their for once reason and one reason only to finish our degree to the best of our ability) which was very challenging in different ways but i was so motivated and nothing was going to get in my way and i was going to show at Graduate Fashion Week no matter what happened, as their was too many people in the group unfortunately not everyone made the cut.

So, i decided it was only right i organised a charity fashion show in his memory for a final farewell which was held at the Phoenix Art Gallery, Brighton on the 22nd June, after attending his funeral i literally saw how loved he was lets just say i've never seen so many people in one place he was loved my many. Managing to get everything sponsored from the Venue,Hair, Photographers goodie bags etc. I couldn't thank everyone enough and i hope i did him proud and raised awareness about Brain Tumour and the cruel disease of Cancer.

Raising an amazing amount of £1020 for the Brain Tumour Charity and The Martlets Hospice

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  1. love the style of this post :) xo

  2. Sorry to hear about your tutor, he sounds like he was a wonderful man.
    The show looks great and you raised a fantastic amount!


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