Are you dreaming big? i certainly am, think big dream big. Their is nothing wrong with a little bit of dreaming I'm sure we all do it, when i get into bed at night i started thinking about one and a million things what if this, what if that etc... 98% of it i forget in the morning but 2% i re-think every night. When Ruby on Rocks approached me to design my own custom tee i jumped at the chance (which you can now buy here), as i think in whatever job role you are in you should always dream big and aim high. Right now I'm in the middle of big project which you guys will all find out about very soon but one step at a time.

Jeans- Hudson
Trainers- Nike
Duster- H&M


  1. Luuurve the colour of these trousers on you hunny! xx

  2. Love this top! I'm definitely one to dream big! Love the red trousers and Nike trainers too! xo

  3. You should always dream big 100% of the time, love your tee design by the way xxxx

  4. Looking lovely, love the top to! Excited to hear about your project! xx


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