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Photo by WIWT

I want to apologise for my absence, i wish i could blame it on the fact that i've been busy or that i've had no time but the real reason is i've lost my camera lead so i couldn't get hold of my pictures to post which only means one thing i've got so many outfits lined up for you guys, i'm excited for you!

Anyways, Calling all 90's girls- the dungarees are BACK i'm feeling like one big kid on day 4, London Fashion Week which was the day i called it a wrap in a oversized shirt, Grey Dungarees , box bag and my beloved pair of original Stan Smiths which took me forever to find my size in. I literally searched like a mad woman for a pair of these adidas originals a few weeks back but after wearing them once i couldn't hack the pain, it was fashion week they had to make an appearance, how could they not? They are the trainers of the season.

*Grey Dungarees- Pretty Little Thing -Similar in Khaki/Black
Trainers- Adidas 
Shirt- ASOS


  1. You look so cool, I absolutely love the dungaree craze of the 90's though I'm not sure I'll pull off a pair now. Instead I've bought my daughter some. It was great driving through London on Fashion week - everyone looked so amazing!

  2. Looking lush hun, I have these dungarees but don't do them justice like you! xx

  3. Loving this outfit, I wish I could get away with it, the dungarees are fab x

  4. I have never been a fan of dungarees but these look fab!! You look really good in them!
    Laura x x x

  5. Thsee dungrarees are nice,I wish I had the figure to suit them.

  6. Such a great outfit. I always think that dungarees have to be made out of denim, but these look so stylish.

  7. You look fab! I always think babies or maternity gear when I think signatures, but not any more!

  8. You look so classy, loving the dungarees!

    Emma at

  9. Loved this outfit - the dungarees are amazing! x


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