I have somewhat fallen in love with trainers recently and i never thought the day would come where i owned a pair of Gola Classics, i know right Gola's! For some particular reason they just remind me of the ugly trainers at P.E don't ask me why, but i can now confirm my Adidas originals have been put to one side as i can't stop wearing these. I love everything about them, the colour, style and most of all i love them because they are so comfortable.

I'm not really one of these people who talks much about my weight nor am i really concerned about mine, but time to time it does pop into my head popularity of people want to loose weight. I think I'm an exception, i actually want to gain weight. I feel like I'm too skinny to be honest (now you don't hear that everyday do you?) however much i eat and trust me i eat a lot, my weight never seems to go on my damn legs, so i guess that's why time to time i love raiding my husband's wardrobe and make his jeans officially mine by rolling them up a few times at the hem, i have myself some new 'fashionable' baggy jeans and before you ask, no the baggy shirt and top are mine.

Jeans- D&G
Coat- Calvin Klein
*Trainers- Gola Classics
Shirt- ASOS
Top- Zara


  1. Gola! Ahh there's a brand I remember from my school days! Back then you were classed as poor if you had Gola and now they are associated with chavs! I do love these trainers though!

    Laura x x x

  2. I love them trainers, and they really add a bit of something different to your outfit!

  3. I like the color from your shoes and the style. 😍 great

  4. I love this look, something so cool about having a casual tailored look and adding trainers. Hope you can check out my blog! X


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