As you know i recently purchased my first Chanel bag, the holy grail of bags- well i paid for half of it and my husband was kind enough to pay for the other half. So, if you see 99.9% of my outfits posts including my Chanel bag don't be surprised as i'm super happy and excited about it, but my husband was left pondering what i see in this bag? He quoted 'Is that really what puts a smile on your face?' Well obviously...My personal aim was to get a Chanel bag by Christmas, obviously not telling my husband about these plans of mine,i asked him for a Chanel bag for my birthday and as kind as he is, he gladly agreed and said yes back in June. He asked me how much they were and to be honest i was a little bit scared to tell him the price so i just sent him the link via e-mail, how can you justify £2,700 on a bag? Well very easily in my eyes. , whilst browing the Chanel website to see the prices he quickly turned his Yes into a no! So my mission began. I thought i'll share with you guys 3 ways to convince your boyfriend/husband you need a Designer/Chanel bag and possible ways to possibly being able to justify for the item

1.Save/ Sell your clothes
This goes for myself as well as you guys, save save save obviously easier said than done. This is defiantly going to be my mantra for 2015 saving my paychecks and buying one special item rather than a  few cheap items. I've come to conclusion that i i don't get much wear out of my cheap £5/£10 tops so i rather not buy them at all and they will total in one gorgeous Chanel bag with lots of wear! It's time to have a clear out, do you really need 10 coats, 20 skirts and 15 pair of jeans? No, if your boyfriend sees less clothes hanging out your wardrobe, he can't give you the look of death and say you have so many bags and clothes so it's the perfect excuse to throw out there ' but i have no nice or special clothes'

2. Aim/Plan Ahead
Ok, basically nothing happens over night unless you're the likes of the Kardashian clan and money comes in from your butt cheeks, no pun intended! Set your self an aim of when you want the Chanel bag and start planning ahead throw a few harmless hints here and there randomly
 I really hope my husband isn't reading this. 
I believe in if their is a will, their is a way.

3.Self Confidence Boost
If you're a blogger, let him know think it will help your blog grow and it gives you credibility, and if you're not let him know it's a major self confidence boost and you will be super confident carrying a Chanel Bag. Luxury brands defiantly gives us a confidence boost, as shallow as it seems. I've never been a 'i need a designer bag' kind of girl I'm still happy with my H&M/ Zara bag so make sure he doesn't think you're being superficial, even if you are. Play the victim 'How can X,Y, Z afford a Chanel Bag and i can't?' It might work, it's worth a try or if all else fails work extra hard and buy it yourself!

I love how one expensive item, my Chanel bag in this case can make such a simple outfit to such an statement outfit. I'm pretty obsessed with faux fur at the moment as mentioned in previous posts, so this Fashion Union green addition ticks all the right boxes for me, matched with a teal fedora to finish the look of.

Faux Fur Coat- Fashion Union*/ Bag-Chanel/ Jeans-ASOS/ Hat-Kangol

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  1. I love Orla Kiely bags so they are always top of my list for birthdays and Christmas. A girl can never have too many great bags.

  2. hahahahah I love this!!!
    The bag is great, but the ways to convice the boyfriend are awesome! :)

  3. haha I wish it was so easy... if I want one I will have to buy it myself :-)

  4. Hahah I totally need to try this.. Who wouldn't love a new Chanel ;) x

  5. Would never convince my hubby in a million years, but you do look amazing with it.


  6. Oh god, if my husband said that he wanted a Chanel bag for 2700 of whatever currency that was, my answer would definitely be absolutely not. Funny enough, I don't think I would struggle to convince my husband to buy me a bag with that price tag.

  7. Hahaha I like your way of thinking, I agree though give him or her a reason to see it's a real passion and not just a whim and maybe they'll help you purchase it or gift it. I'm currently in love with Mary Katrantzou everything, Kate Spade and I adore Giuseppe Zanotti's Coline shoes so may use these tactics for those.

    Hugs Elyse ||

  8. The bag is gorgeous and you'll definitely get a lot of wear out of it x

  9. Haha my partner thinks £20 on a jumper is expensive so I doubt id manage to get him round to your way of thinking!! I've actually never been bothered about owning designer clothes or handbags which probably sounds a little strange, the most i ever spent on one was from Accessorise a few years ago and that was £40. I did love it though!! :) xx


  10. I love this blog post, I might use some of your tips to convince hubby that I need more dresses this Christmas!
    Hope you have a lovely Christmas! :) x

  11. Love this whole look and the bag is, wihtout doubt, the icing on the cake. Lovely to hear you so excited about it <3

  12. Not sure this would work, but thanks for the tips.


  13. As lovely as they are, I could never justify spending that much on a bag unless I won the lottery. I would love a Michael Kors bag though.


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