I am so damn right jealous of bubba's outfit right now, he owns a pair of Hunter Wellies and i don't. How is that right? 

When it comes to kids footwear i think it's really important to get good quality shoes for their little feet. I feel like that's what i invest most of my money on with bubba-Shoes and with Schuh kids having such a good variety of choices amongst different brands it makes life so much easier, i can't say it's been very helpful towards my bank balance tho ouch, Never mind! Apparently Schuh have opened stand alone Schuh Kids stores across the UK which I'm really excited about, it means bubba can run around and play whilst he's trying shoes on and not be in the way.
 I've been going a little trainer mad lately and lets say English weather and white trainers aren't the perfect match, so it was only right to add some Hunter Wellies to his non ending collection, the boy has a better collection than me, i think it's only right to purchase a yellow pair too.
Jumper- Gap Kids/  *Hunter Wellies- Schuh Kids / Hat- Gap Kids/ Bottoms- H&M



  1. How adorable! I love the entire outfit, especially the cute bobble hat.

  2. Thank you for posting a feature of your son's attire. I'm a young mum of a two year old boy and like to think I'm quite fashion forward (well I hope I am). I've been a follower of your blog every since I've laid eyes on it, so it's great to gain tips for my son's wardrobe as well as my own xx

  3. Gorgeous wellies, I love them! Your little one looks very warm and ready for adventures! :) x


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