Where is Cape Verde? I wasn't too sure myself before i booked my winter escape. Prior to booking I'd heard some great things about Cape Verde  after endlessly searching for breaks to the Maldives i caved in and booked the package deal for West Africa as a 12 hour flight didn't seem worth it for a 7 day break, Cape Verde is 350 miles away from the border of Senegal, still not sure where that is? 2 hours south of the canaries. You got it now? Whilst boarding the same flight as Amy Childs i was convinced i chose the right holiday destination.

Cape Verde was defiantly an eye opener for me whilst staying in the most luxurious hotel on the island, however it was a completely different scenario two minutes down the road empty cobbled streets, small markets, people selling the shoes you probably gave away 4 years ago and hungry stray dogs looking for a spot of shade. I can't say there was much to see however it was lovely to see how content and happy people were considering. I would describe Santa Maria as cultural, colourful with lots of landscape and probably the number one tourism escape from March onwards.

Dress- Zara (Similar MissGuided and Here) //
Sunglasses- Chanel (Similar here and here)


  1. Oh I love this floaty summer dress - perfect for exploring Cape Verde - sounds like you have been having an amazing time there and can't wait to read more about it
    Laura x

  2. I've never been to Cape Verde, it looks lovely. I love all those prints they have in those shops, all really colorful x


  3. I love your dress! I didn't know where Cape Verde was until you explained where it was! I really like the photo's you took, definitely an eye opener to 'how the other half live'

    Laura x x x

  4. I love how colourful Cape Verde is, and gorgeous dress by the way! :) x

  5. Your dress is gorgeous, love the colour and style. My brother is off to Cape Verde in a couple of weeks and I'm very jealous.


  6. Cape verde is very colourful, and your dress matches the region. I liked it!

  7. Love how colourful Cape Verde is. I love your dress it is such a beautiful colour. :) x

  8. what abeautiful place to be full of colour and sunshine , love the pretty floaty dress

  9. I love holiday pics, you are glowing


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