Are you hungry to become a Top Blogger? Stuck in rut on your blog or haven't started yet but have an ambition to become a Top Blogger join the club of hundreds of other girls, me included. Below I've listed 5 secrets to be on your way to become a successful blogger.


1. Find your Niche, why are you different?


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If your planning to start a blog with someone else's aesthetic, don't bother there's no point as it already exists. Why would a follower come and follow a blog that's exactly the same as the one they already follow? Be different, find your own style and don't over complicate things, it might be something very small that's different but people might be able to relate to that thing you think is small but most of all be passionate about your niche, you might not figure out why you are different straight away- that's ok don't worry! Your blog is a space where you grow and learn so much about yourself and different skills whether it's writing e-mails to brands, sending out invoices or SEO. Enjoy the journey.

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2. Create high-quality content


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If you're producing high quality content, you'll always have a platform. Invest in the best equipment and don't be afraid to spend on a new website (you'll probably earn the money back in due coarse) if you're consistent with your content sooner or later you will be recognised by brands and invites will come in whether it's for collaborations or attending press events. Take it to the next level, make sure you have clear images and make them as big as you can, there is nothing i hate more than going on a blog and seeing extra small pictures. Be proud of your content!

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3. Consistency throughout social media 


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Top bloggers haven't been made successful over night, blogs are a working progress and it involves a lot of steps to become a successful blogger, the most important thing is to be consistent what is the point of creating amazing quality content and imagery but no one is visiting your blog. Make sure you promote yourself throughout social media in the right way stay professional at all times and be relevant, instagram is your best friend basically.

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4. Know your audience


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It's key to remember why you blog and why people follow you, it doesn't matter how big you are never lose sight of your audience, this is where your business mind comes in, create a brand and a business ask yourself a few questions who is your audience, what do they want from you and how do they like to engage with you? Top bloggers understand the 'back office' duties, a blog is not just high quality images it's understanding analytics.

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5. Confidence,  stay true to yourself at all times


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Sometimes we all loose sight of ourselves especially when we see someone else do better, and you kind of insinuate into that person you are following. Sometimes i even catch myself doing it but then i snap out of it. It's key to stay true to yourself and your own style, it's great being inspired by others but it's important to interpret it into your own style, with anything in life confidence is vital, if you can't trust your self and style what makes you think other people will.

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  1. An amazing post with amazing tips for those like me who have just made the blog a couple months ago.
    Could you please check my blog and tell me if it is going in a good direction or not? It would be very helpful


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