Whilst my inbox fills up and my photo gallery exceeds 600 images I'm on pause mode and for the life of me i have no idea why, funny enough I feel so inspired with my blog more than ever and i have so many ideas! But at the same time because I'm overflowing with ideas i just don't know where to start, so i guess the start would be by beginning right?

I sit here looking at these images which were taken last week picking 3 okayish photos out of 30- i ask myself am i being to fussy? picking out my flaws that only i can probably see. Sometimes i think we all look into things/images too much but the reality is no one is looking at the flaws that you are so insecure about. I used to be really confident with my body before i had bubba but now i have stretch marks and not such a flat tummy to deal with! Yes i know I'm skinny but i do hide it all very well if i do say so myself. I sit here pondering why it's such a big deal, all our bodies go through changes with age right? I guess we all get a little insecure with ourselves at certain times in our lives.

Duster Mac- Lipsy/ Michelle Keegan similar here | Flares - Zara | Shirt - Pull and Bear | Bag- Phillip Lim | Sunglasses - LeSpecs

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  1. Ooh flares. Never quite sure about them but they look fabulous on you!

  2. Wow you look stunning lovely! Gorgeous shirt :D xx

  3. Love the blue on blue! Just found your blog through the Facebook blogger's group and love it! Gonna have a bit of a read now :)

    Ashleigh x

    ♥ ♡ ♥ Being Ashleigh - Lifestyle and Fashion blog ♥ ♡ ♥

  4. I think you look lovely! I love the style and colour of the Jeans! x

  5. The photos look great! I love your outfit choice and the flares are fabulous on you xx


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