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When comes the time to start 'branding' yourself and your blog? Your blog is you personal space online where your innovative, influence and create. It's important to market and sell yourself the right way especially as bloggers are now seen as the new era and the norm within social media. It's hard to stand out as a blogger in such a competitive market, i discover new blogs on a daily basis however most of them have no originality and aren't very innovative in my opinion. So, what makes a blog stand out and how do you brand yourself as a blogger?

Ok so first and most importantly you need ask yourself where do you sit in the blogging industry? secondly what's your niche? Do you want to be seen as a 'blogger' or would you rather be known as an online influencer in the area you specialise in whether it's Fashion, Lifestyle, Travel etc..below i've listed a few points which i think are important to brand yourself as a blogger from my own experience, however i am no expert!


Rule no.1- Don't be a sheep

It's important to be innovative and think outside the box, ok -so you like what X,Y, Z are doing, that's perfectly fine but how can you translate that into your blog and most importantly how can you do it better? As the editor of your blog its crucial to pick the right projects and collaborate with the right brands which of course represents your style and values, never loose your personality or what you stand for in the process of building your 'empire' so to speak.


Rule no.2- Who is your target audience?

Once you've found your niche, write down your target audience and create a story board so you can always get back to basics if you get to a point of 'what am i even doing' and loose sight of yourself within the blogosphere.
Full time working girl aged between 22- 30 who likes fast fashion, and invests in designers pieces
Young married woman with 2 kids who wants to treat herself once in a while to a designer accessory


Rule no.3- What brands represents your brand?

Once you get into blogging (it's addictive if you're passionate about your own brand) it could bring you the potential to scrap your job and earn you enough £money for it to become your monthly income- however that doesn't mean as soon as you get paid once you go and scrap your job- from my experience i think blogging can be very inconsistent as you might get paid £ XX, the next month £ XXXX and the following month £0, so set your standards early on with brands, it's important to associate yourself with brands which you think represents you to your best potential but bare in mind it's a working progress.


Rule no.4- Communicate

Communication and consistency is the key to blogging, marketing and branding which i cant stress enough, if you can master that skill your half way there to make your blog successful and one of the ones that stand out amongst thousands of others.

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  1. I think more and more bloggers are looking to market themselves as brands so I think this post has some great tips - thanks for sharing x

  2. Thank you for such an interesting idea with the storyboard. x

  3. Great tips, thanks for sharing :) It's definitely important to associate yourself with brands that you feel represent you and your style etc. x

  4. lots of great tips here, its never a good idea to copy or try to emulate someone else x

  5. Super helpful! I will be taking a lot away from this. Thanks and congrats on your success!

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