I've recently become a snapchat who*re, for over a year now i must have opened the app maybe 5 times however until recently the app is my go-to. The snapchat evolution has started in the blogging/fashion industry i have to admit i saw this coming a while ago. I make my brother cringe, i make myself cringe 10x times more but to say I'm having fun is an understatement!

As i said to my brother whether you're cringing or not you're my number one watcher and he totally agreed, he continued with 'send another update' - so i realised there are so many things my brother picks me up on and probably you guys do too that are very strange but as a blogger it's all very normal, below are 3 examples you will only understand if you're a blogger.

1. Social Media networks are for business use.
All bloggers perfectionist side comes out to play on social media not everything makes a bloggers instagram, that's for sure! This is one point i have to explain to my family over and over again, my instagram/ snapchat is an extension of my blog- it's not a place where you tap into to track my every move.

2. There is no such thing as a day off.
The endless refreshing of your feed is so normal. People underestimate the time/ effort a blog takes it takes a lot passion/ hard work nothing is handed to you on a plate. Blogging is not a 9-5 especially if it's you're full time job. You have to wear so many hats you're your own PR/ Marketing/ Photographer/ Writer etc if you're blog is successful or in the early stages of success that means you have a brain.

3. Everything revolves around pictures and finding the right backdrop 
'Can we take a picture here?' gets very frustrating every hour if you're not a blogger trust me I've got every response you can think of from either my husband or family members and let me tell you this- it's usually starts with a sigh, as supportive and proud as they are they just don't understand why we need our phones every minute of the day.

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  1. I totally agree with all three of these points! I don't use snapchat for my blog, I only have about 20 friends on there but my Instagram and Twitter are definitely an extension of my blog!

  2. I agree with not having a day off. Everything is related somehow or another!

  3. I am new to blogging but already get what you are saying, this was meant to be a hobby but is quickly turning into a full time obsession!


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