As we hit 35 degrees plus a couple of days ago in England and supposedly experienced a 'heatwave' i decided to get a little bit leggy, to be honest I'm glad it's all over i don't think i can cope with #hottestdayofyear trending every week nor do i think i can i deal with all the fuss and chaos which happened over a little bit of sunshine. Don't get me wrong i love the heat for numerous of reasons, number one i get to wear mini skirts like this gorgeous shade of green and show of my holiday tan and secondly it makes me happy.

However i have come to the conclusion that England genuinely cannot cope with it all, sun, snow, lightning I would say it's far too much for people and for the pure safety of everyone i hope it just stays dull and rainy because let's just say my commute home wasn't so pleasant on the #thehottestdayoftheyear, it's so sad to say people go from one extreme to another -yes it's hot girls however it doesn't mean you can walk around with your butt cheeks out lets keep it PG. Please!

Skirt-Zara similar here | Jacket- F&F | Shoes- Zara | Bag- Chanel | Top- Newlook

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  1. I love this look, I love that skirt, it's such a pretty colour. I could not function on Wednesday, the heat was too much!!

    Georgia x

    Georgia Petite

  2. Gorgeous photo and such a lovely outfit. I am loving that skirt, you can never go wrong with Zara! xo

  3. Cool look I really like your jacket, a little out of my price range but I still love it


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