A lot can happen in course of a year especially when it comes to the fashion industry (and my life). Trends change, designers enter and exit labels, the 'it' bags come and go-who remembers the chloe drew/faye bag? The bags who took over instagram, Literally! From public speaking to features in Grazia Magazine 2015 definitely marked the standards for 2016 and i wouldn't have it any other way.

2015 has been has been a whirlwind for My Bubba & Me, mostly ups rather than downs (the downs are kept offline i will spare you all my whining, moaning and dramas of my 'private life') i always try my hardest to be consistent on My Bubba & Me- which has been the key to my success this year. People always ask me how i manage to run My Bubba & Me, be a mother, a wife and work part-time- easy: dedication and hard work!

02.15am, It's officially New Year's Eve and i've just finished S2 Ep7 of Gossip Girl, yes i am doing a re-run marathon- why? Because i'm going through a phase of watching series to distract me from social media and mostly instagram, as sad as it is i am an addict! Hate to admit it- but i am a hardcore social media addict. All i seem to think about is blogging- is that normal? Please tell me i'm not the only one who lives and breathes blogging.

Highlights of 2015
  • 2015 was definitely the year of designer handbags for me, i got my 2nd Chanel Bag and treated myself to a Celine Trio and a Chloe Georgia. I feel 2016 is going to bring me another Chanel bag of some sort how do i know that? Because i have a Chanel gift card -that needs to be spent ASAP
  • I did my first ever public speaking about social media. Pure London, How retailers and brands work better with Fashion Bloggers see more here 
  • I attended Paris Fashion Week for the first time in February with Eva/Glamazon Blog and then returned back in October again with Eva and Hannah/A Fashion Fix joined us too. Fashion Week really is better with friends whoever told you otherwise was lying
  • Featured in Vogue Magazine during Fashion Week
  • I travelled to Cape Verde, Morocco and Paris
  • I had a work anniversary, i have officially been a social media exec for a year 
  • I did a seminar on The Effect of Social Media to students at Northbrook College
  • Grazia Magazine did a whole page spread on me
  • Freelanced throughout the year as a Social Media consultant
  • Featured in Vogue Spain, Germany and Italy during Vogue Festival
  • My clientele grew, working with brands such as River Island, Lyst, Dorothy Perkins, Dune London and many more
  • I redesigned my blog layout and i'm currently seeking a new layout as we speak
I've worked with some exceptional clients and brands who have taken me to the next degree- i am here to grow and inspire and hope to do so in 2016 too with bigger and better goals, i aim to give you more of a destination rather than just fashion inspiration.

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