With Mother's Day fast approaching, I have been given the opportunity to collaborate with the beautiful jewellery brand PANDORA. This has really got me thinking about the unique trait that has been passed down from my mum to my generation! 

The unconditional love and kindness shown by my mother (or Grandma as I like to call her now) throughout the years, has been inspiring and made me the person I am today so i really wanted to go all out this year and treat her to something special, the gift i chose her has a unique blend of metals combined to create a feminine and warm beauty, the rose feather pendant and to compliment the stunning necklace and the entwine ring.

Obviously, I cannot be more thankful for all the sleepless nights she's endured over the years- and I can assure you she's probably had a few of them, not only when I was a baby but also when I hit the clubbing scene at the age of 18. She was there for me when I wanted to move to London and pursue my path/career in fashion! She managed somehow to convince my dad that I didn't need to become a lawyer- not that I had the brains for that, but you know a parent can dream!

She even accepted the path of my love for my husband and all the complications that came alongside it (let's just say it was a very rocky road). If I could pass anything down to bubba, it would be the importance of kindness. I don't care what path he decides to take in his life or the decisions he makes- wrong or right. As long as he is kind, I would feel like I have achieved one of my goals as a Mother. 

Truly there is no love like a Mother's love and I could not be anymore grateful for all mine has done for me. I often ask myself how I will ever repay her with that same kindness, love and affection she has consistently shown me. What I can say is: Thank you and i hope the jewellery from PANDORA will make up for all the kindness throughout the years!


  1. i love the rose series at pandora! anything pandora is always a great gift for mothers

  2. What a stunning way to thank your mother who has been there for you and actively encouraged you to follow your dreams. Your mum is one in a million!


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