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I don't know about anyone else but if i don't get a good night sleep i know for a fact you shouldn't come near me in the morning as i literally would have woken up on the wrong side of the bed.

There's no beauty sleep like a good night sleep!


1. Get the perfect mattress & pillows

The number one key to sleeping well is investing in a good mattress & pillows, making sure it's comfortable and supportive. 

2. Create a relaxing atmosphere

Setting the scene is vital, making sure your room is not overcrowded and the perfect sleeping environment, your bedroom should be cool- not too hot or cold! Candles and diffusers are also great for setting a relaxing scene.

3. Control your exposure to light

Natural light keeps your internal clock on a healthy sleep-wake cycle. So make sure you let that morning light in!

4. Wind down and clear your head

We all go 100 miles per hour before bed i know i do, i get all sorts of ideas just before bed and i think/sometimes overthink the past, present and future- take an hour before bed winding down and clearing your head, candles, magazine/book and a face mask is always a good idea.

5. Exercise daily

Exercise is great not just for your health but great for clearing your mind, it's a brilliant way to get rid of any type of anxiety or stress to make you sleep well.

Grab your essentials to create the perfect environment to sleep well below

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  1. This is a lovely post and some great tips! I think I might need to incorporate some of these into my routine! 😊 I also have my blind not all the way to the bottom so that at night it is still dark but in the morning the natural light is nice to wake up too and wakes me up more than waking up in a dark room 😊 xx


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