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I was lucky enough to have joined the lovely PANDORA team back in November, 2016 for a once in a lifetime experience- to join their press team and press for a trip to Bangkok, Thailand to visit their factory which was based in Gemopolis in Bangkok. The purpose of the trip was to get an insight into how their jewellery is made within their factories & their craftsmanship alongside spa trips, finest dining experiences and exploring the heart of Bangkok.

5 days of Luxury- PANDORA has really set the bar high for press trips that's for sure!

I take much pride in with the brands i work with as it represents my own brand and style and i am very much proud to say i work with PANDORA without a doubt they have literally become my little family! PANDORA create beautiful jewellery for everyday wear and make you feel like you're a charm, did you see what i did there? 

Basically just putting it out there if you don't know PANDORA is the number one jewelry brand in the UK offering quality obviously with an affordable price tag- positioned within the affordable luxury segment of fine jewellery, PANDORA merges contemporary design with high quality materials and excellent craftsmanship based on a combination of modern and traditional techniques.
Below are TOP 10 FACTS i learnt whilst in Thailand- seeing it all first i understand why they are so proud of their craftsmanship- which i don't blame them after getting a first hand view! 

1. PANDORA creates 100 million pieces of jewellery every year, and each piece is expertly hand finished by a team of over 12,000 skilled craftspeople. 

2. Last year PANDORA set 2.6 billion gemstones and used over 225 tonnes of silver and 1.9 tonnes of gold. 

3. PANDORA craftspeople use the highest quality metals, including sterling silver that is 83% recycled and 14ct gold that is 96% recycled, to create beautifully intricate designs. 

4. Creating PANDORA jewellery demands an expert level of skill. Some of the charms are so complex to make that they take a year of training – notably the Murano glass charms which are all produced completely by hand. 

5. Every single ethically sourced, environmentally friendly stone is carefully set in place by hand.

 6. On average, 30 pairs of hands touch a piece of PANDORA jewellery before leaving the factory. 

7. As a certified, active member of the Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC), PANDORA works tirelessly to promote and improve sustainability standards, ethical business practices, human rights, working conditions and minimise environmental impact in the jewellery industry. 

8. All PANDORA gemstones, stones and cultured pearls are conflict-free, carefully sourced from RJC certified suppliers and are meticulously and individually examined before use. 

9. Every single PANDORA craftspeople receive a competitive salary, insurance, healthcare and pension in addition to soft benefits such as free transport to and from work, a nutritious and subsidised lunch every day and social events such as trips to the theme park and beach. Furthermore, despite the typical working week in Thailand being 6 days, at PANDORA our craftspeople work 5 days. As a result, PANDORA is seen as an extremely desirable employer with an exceptionally low turnover rate of just 3.3%. 

10. Due to increasing demand, PANDORA have recently opened a new factory in Chiang Mai. The site will employ up to 5,000 people, offering some of the best working conditions and most modern production facilities in Asia. It will set new standards for the jewellery industry in terms of scale, size, green profile and modernity.

-Thank you PANDORA for the most memorable and special trip of my career to date! 


  1. What an amazing trip! Love your dress too hun xx

  2. I miss Thailand so much! Love the pics and the red dress is so cute!

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