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How do I claim my TCL warranty?

How do I claim my TCL warranty?

How to get service

  1. Please have your original purchase receipt or proof of purchase (bill of sale or receipted invoice) which states that condition of the unit (New, Used, etc.), the unit’s date of purchase, place of purchase and model/serial number ready.
  2. Call 1-877-300-8837 or visit

How long is the warranty on my TCL TV?

six months
What Does TCL Manufacturer Warranty Cover? TCL Roku TVs are protected by a limited warranty that lasts for a year. In case you use your TCL TV for commercial purposes, the warranty lasts for six months.

How much does it cost to repair a TCL Roku TV?

TCL TV Repair cost

TV won’t turn on From$80
Lines on TV screen From$90
TV has no sound From$70
TV has no Wi-Fi From$60
TV remote not working From$60

How long do TCL TVs last?

TCL TVs can last up to seven years under heavy usage and settings. But with the proper settings and proper usage, you can expect it to last longer than this. It may even reach ten years under favorable circumstances and care.

Can a TCL TV screen be repaired?

To fix your TCL TV blank screen, you should expect to pay about $50 to $400. One characteristic repair of the TCL brand is a black screen with no picture. This can be a fuse that has blown, or it may require a major change, such as a new main board.

Why does my TCL TV have a black screen?

Black screen issues could essentially occur when specific parts from the TV are faulty. For instance, if the power cable of your Roku TV isn’t working correctly, your screen will go black but the audio could remain. Another reason would be the backlight of your screen, in which case nothing but a repair will help.

Is it worth fixing a cracked TV screen?

Although it’s not usually possible to fix a damaged screen, other repairs, such as replacing the motherboard or inverter, may be worthwhile. For those looking to reduce waste, fixing a cracked TV screen is worth it and, depending on the unit, may be more cost-effective than replacing the whole unit.

Are TCL smart TVs good?

Overall, TCL TVs offer good picture quality and great features at a low price. Although they aren’t as feature-packed or as well-built as more expensive models, their TVs typically offer great value. If you need a simple TV with a good smart system, you should be happy with most of their offerings.

Why is there no picture on my TCL TV?

Make sure all external devices plugged into the TV are properly connected to the appropriate port, and are powered on. If necessary, unplug then reconnect the cables to the corresponding ports. Restart the TV. Press the power button on your TV.

Are TVs worth repairing?

It is worth it to repair your TV if the cost of the repair is significantly cheaper than the cost of buying a new TV. The most expensive repair for a flat-screen TV is usually a cracked screen — this repair tends to cost more than a replacement TV for all but the largest screen sizes.

Can a Tcl product be repaired for free?

Repair or Replacement of any TCL product under the terms of this warranty does not provide right to extension or renewal of the warranty Warranty repairs are available free of charge at TCL authorized repair centers for products that comply with the General Terms and Conditions of this warranty.

What kind of warranty does TCL TV have?

TCL is an American TV brand name that has been on the market for more than 40 years. In 2019, it sold more than 32 million TVs globally. When you purchase a TCL TV, you get a manufacturer warranty. Learn more about what the warranty entails and how to claim it.

How to contact TCL TV repair service center near me?

We will TCL TV repair or replacement components in any of the above cases. You can contact the specialists of our center by phone or by filling out a repair request via the online form on the website. The cost of work is determined only after the fault diagnosis. TCL TV repair cost depends on the cost of components and the type of work:

Why is my TCL TV remote not working?

TCL was recently notified by an independent security researcher of two vulnerabilities in Android TV models. Once TCL received notification, the company quickly took steps to investigate, thoroughly test, develop patches, and implement a plan to send updates to resolve the matter.