Common questions

How far apart should I plant my camellias?

How far apart should I plant my camellias?

Allow a minimum of five feet between plants, and preferably more. When planting a hedge, a distance of three feet between plants is recommended.

What should camellias be planted in?

Camellias like moist well drained acid soil, in partial sun and away from cold winds in a sheltered spot, and not facing East. If that is not enough, they also enjoy a nice leaf mulch being a woodland plant.

What is the best time of year to plant camellias?

When to Plant Camellias The best time to plant camellias is in fall or early spring. Fall is best in warmer areas, as it gives the plants time to grow deep root systems without the stress of summer heat. In cooler areas, plant in the spring for best results.

How do you encourage camellias to grow?

Camellia care is pretty simple; plant in a shade to part sun area (morning sun, afternoon shade) with rich soil. As the plants mature and the canopy provides shade to roots, they can take more sun. Camellias like ample moisture and well-drained soil. Water during dry conditions to encourage new growth.

Can you plant camellias next to house?

Camellias can be planted close to a house, but distance and spacing depend on the mature size of the variety.

Does a camellia need special soil?

Camellias need acid or ericaceous soil, with a pH of 5.5-6.5. If the pH is neutral in your area, you can make it more acidic by adding composted bracken (available mail order), homemade leaf mould or composted pine needles to the planting hole, then mulching with them too.

What’s the best way to plant a camellia?

Planting Camellias. Leave soil in the center of the hole undisturbed to prevent settling. Place the rootball on a the column of soil in the center of the hole. The top of ball should be slightly above soil level. When planting a container-grown plant, wash away the soil from the root ball with a water hose and rough up the root ball, if tight,…

How big of a bed do you need for camellias?

Plant Japanese camellias 6 to 8 feet from a wall, 8 feet on center for a hedge, and at least 12 feet on center to keep plants individual. As with other plants, if planting several camellias close together or mass planting with other plants, it is best to till the entire bed to a depth of 6 inches.

When to plant camellias in eastern North Carolina?

After planting, don’t forget the mulch to prevent weeds and hold moisture. Camellias can do well in eastern North Carolina, but in some winters we may have cold injury. Cold injury may occur to flowers that open from December to April.

Is it true that camellias are difficult to grow?

A common myth about Camellias is that they are very fussy and difficult to grow. This is not true. Camellias are exceptionally care-free plants if they are given a well-chosen site.