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How long is Honda Fit cargo space?

How long is Honda Fit cargo space?

16.6 cubic feet
The Honda Fit is exceptionally versatile when it comes to cargo. With the second-row seat intact, the cargo dimensions measure at 16.6 cubic feet.

How big is the trunk of a Honda Fit?

With 16.6 cubic feet of space, the Fit has more cargo room than many subcompact cars. Folding down the second row opens a maximum cargo capacity of 52.7 cubic feet. The Fit’s standard Magic Seat lets you fold or recline the rear seat in several configurations.

Does 2007 Honda Fit have aux?

The 2007 Honda Fit doesn’t look a car that would inspire jealousy in the hearts of onlookers. Its emission rating is OK but could be better for a car with such a small engine. The stereo’s auxiliary input and ability to play MP3 CDs are just the start of its MP3-friendliness.

What is high mileage for a Honda Fit?

With proper maintenance, the Honda Fit can last up to 200,000 miles to 300,000 miles. This translates to a lifespan of about 13 to 20 years on the average Honda Fit model. Even with its diminutive size, the Honda Fit has the impressive reliability associated with Honda models.

Can you fit a bike in the Honda Fit?

According to Honda, a bicycle can fit in the area directly behind the front seats. After that, I stuffed the bike inside, careful not to scuff the door panels and seats, and viola, trick complete. The great thing about this is that the rear cargo area is still available for other items.

How much room is in the back of a Honda Fit?

Behind the back row, the 2020 Honda fit offers owners 16.6 cu. ft. of storage space with a wide hatch door that makes putting in bulky objects easier than with other vehicles. If you put the back row of seats down, you can use 52.7 cu.

Where is the AUX in a Honda Fit?

The 2008 Honda Fit aux port location is beneath the accessory power socket in the center pocket.

Does 2008 Honda Fit have Bluetooth?

For your 2008 Honda Fit Our BT45 series seamlessly integrates your vehicle’s OEM sound system with Bluetooth® enabled devices so you can make hands-free phone calls and wirelessly stream audio media.

How long can a Honda Fit engine last?

What kind of stereo does a Honda Fit have?

The base-model Fit is, as you might expect, rather basic, though it does have a four-speaker AM/FM/CD system. If you buy a Sport model, you’ll find a host of upgraded features, including an AM/FM/CD/MP3/WMA receiver (with an aux jack) and six speakers. The Honda Fit’s factory radio.

What kind of mileage does Honda Fit Get?

The 2007-08 Honda Fit gets great mileage, too. But, unlike our friend’s unpleasant weekend companion, the first-generation Fit also looks kinda cool, holds a surprising amount of stuff, gets out of its own way on the interstate, and actually provides comfortable seating for at least two adult humans.

How big are the tweeters on a Honda Fit?

Getting to them is merely a matter of removing four Phillips screws and removing the tweeters from their brackets. The factory models measure 1.416″ in diameter, with a mounting depth of 1.494″. To install new tweeters underneath the factory grille, you’ll have to find or fabricate new mounting brackets.

Is the Honda Fit a good car to buy?

When a gallon of gas costs more than a quarter-pound cheeseburger, a subcompact is a very good thing to have. The Honda Fit proves that a subcompact can also be a very good car.