Common questions

How much does it cost to pay someone to organize your house?

How much does it cost to pay someone to organize your house?

Expect to pay between $80 and $140 an hour, though some organizers offer packages, such as a closet clean-out for $250 or a garage sorting for $350. If you’re already relatively organized, a small kitchen tidying session might run you $200; a full-house effort for a downsizing senior might cost more than $1,000.

How do I Organise my house?

The Ultimate Room-by-Room Organization Guide

  1. Remember the 3 Rs. To get and keep things in order, use these guiding principals in each room of your home:
  2. Inventory Your Kitchen.
  3. You Don’t Need So Many Shoes.
  4. Expose Your Garbage Cans.
  5. Streamline Your Socks.
  6. Don’t Shred It All.
  7. Prioritize the Playroom.
  8. Heed the Golden Rule.

How do I Organise and declutter my house?

10 Creative Decluttering Tips

  1. Start with 5 minutes at a time.
  2. Give one item away each day.
  3. Fill an entire trash bag.
  4. Donate clothes you never wear.
  5. Create a decluttering checklist.
  6. Take the 12-12-12 challenge.
  7. View your home as a first-time visitor.
  8. Take before and after photos of a small area.

Is there a demand for home organizers?

US demand for home organization products is projected to increase 3.8% per year to $12.7 billion in 2023. A healthy economy and growing interest in home organization products, particularly high-value products will support demand gains through 2023. Data are provided in dollar value at the manufacturers’ level.

How much do Declutterers charge UK?

How much does a professional declutterer and organiser cost? The hourly rate for an organiser to work with you in your home is from £30 per hour (if you live in London, it’s from £40 per hour). If you book packages of hours, you will benefit from the reduced hourly rate.

Where do I start decluttering?

For those who are overwhelmed by their clutter, here are some great ways to get started, five minutes at a time.

  1. Designate a spot for incoming papers.
  2. Start clearing a starting zone.
  3. Clear off a counter.
  4. Pick a shelf.
  5. Schedule a decluttering weekend.
  6. Pick up 5 things, and find places for them.

Where do I start when sorting a house?

“If you don’t know where to start, we recommend decluttering room-by-room! Start with the most high-traffic area in your home – probably the kitchen or family room – and go through the decluttering process of deciding what to keep, toss or donate.

Are professional Organizers worth it?

It will save you money in moving and storage costs. If you won’t do it on your own, a professional organizer can get you started. If you have a closet full of stuff that you never use but hope to use, then a professional organizer can help you make the decision to keep, sell, or toss.

Where is help declutter and organiser based in England?

Each of these situations require time and energy which are sometimes hard to find. I’m based in Blackpool but available across the North West i.e. South Lakes, Lancashire, Merseyside, Cheshire [typically within 1.5 hours drive].

Can a professional organiser help you organize your home?

Welcome to The Home Organiser, I am a Professional Organiser and I can help with any of the above (and more…) I would like to help you enjoy your home or office space by making life simpler and easier to control.

Where can I get help organising my home?

Join the OMH community… The Organise My House HQ Facebook Group is a place where you can chat with other people just like you, wanting to organise their home lives. It’s a fantastic way to get help when needed, share tips, and celebrate wins. Join up today, because accountability will help you reach your goals quicker…

How long have I been organising my home?

Having owned my own Home Organising & Styling Business here in the UK for over 12 years, I have helped countless people, just like you, to love their homes again, & have learned what works (& what doesn’t!) – so you can take advantage of my short cuts to create systems that you’ll truly enjoy using every day!