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How much does KanJam cost?

How much does KanJam cost?

HOW TO PLAY: Take turns throwing and deflecting the flying disc across the yard, beach, or park at the goal – 21 points wins, or go pro and slot the flying disc for an INSTANT WIN! EASY SET UP: So easy to set up, you can play in seconds!…

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What age is Kan Jam for?

The Kan Jam Game Set includes 2 highly portable official Kan Jam Goals, 2 official Kan Jam Labels, custom designed official flying disc and instructions of the game. Made from durable polypropylene material, this frisbee disc is perfect for players aged 9 years and above. Up to 4 players can play at a given time.

What are the rules for Kan Jam?


  • Teams must have at least 2 players to play each week. There are no gender restrictions.
  • Teams are made up of 4 to 8 players. There are no gender restrictions.
  • 2 people play in each game – teams may switch out players at any time.
  • Teams will play as many matches as possible in 30 minutes.

Is Kan Jam win 2?

1.2 Teams may participate with either 2 males, 2 females, or 1 male / 1 female. 1.3 Partners work together to score points, alternating as thrower and deflector. 2.1 Kan-Jam consists of one flying disc and two scoring containers, which serve as goals. their two remaining throws, Team B wins the game.

What is an automatic winner in Kan Jam?

Instant Win – The chance of an Instant Win keeps teams in the game even when they are losing. To throw an instant win, the Kan Jam disc must go through the Instant Win slot or into the top of the goal without the help of the deflector.

Does Walmart have Kan Jam?

Kan Jam Original Disc Toss Game for The Backyard, Beach, Park, Tailgates, Outdoors – –

Can you go over 21 in Kan Jam?

A team must reach an exact score of 21 points to win. If a given throw results in points that raise a team’s total score above 21, the points from that play are deducted from their current score and play continues.

How do you start a game of Kan Jam?

Essentially, you and a partner work together to get the disc to do one of three things: hit the kan, go inside of the kan through the top opening or, best of all, go through the kan’s slot opening for an Instant Win. One player throws the disc toward the kan and the other can redirect it.

Can you play defense in Kan Jam?

Deflectors can only use one (1) hand to redirect Disc. Deflectors can move anywhere within the playing area to redirect the Disc, while throwers must stand behind the Goal area to throw. Kan-Jam is fast-paced and play is continuous.

Can you use 2 hands in Kan Jam?

surface before striking the Goal. 3. No score will result if deflector double-hits, catches, carries the Disc, or uses 2 hands to deflect.

What was Kan Jam originally called?

Garbage Can Frisbee
Origin. Kan Jam was created in the 1980s by Charles Sciandra and Paul Swisher in Buffalo, New York, originally being called “Garbage Can Frisbee”. “Garbage Can Frisbee” was created in the late 1970s by Rob Mogensen, Joe Raymond, John Kopasz and Jim Heron, four friends from Tonawanda, NY.

What happens in Kan Jam if both teams get 21 points?

If both teams score 21 points in the same number of rounds, the game goes to overtime. Each team takes a turn, with the team with The Hammer going second. Here is an example of how overtime could play out: Team A and Team B head to an overtime round.

Is there a way to play Kan Jam?

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How to buy a custom Kan Jam account?

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