Common questions

How much is an EZGO golf cart worth?

How much is an EZGO golf cart worth?

On average, the price of EZ-GO golf carts can range anywhere between $5,000 and $12,000.

What year is my EZGO by serial number?

Your serial number for your E-Z-GO will be on the passenger’s side of the cart in the glove box on years ’94 – present. The last two numbers in the manufacturers code will be the year model.

How do I know what model my EZGO is?

The serial number and manufacturer’s number for these E-Z-GO golf cart models can be found on a plate located under the glove box on the passenger’s side of the vehicle. The serial number is either six or seven numbers and does not indicate the model year. The manufacturer’s number does reflect the model year.

How fast will a 36 volt EZGO golf cart go?

Looking at the specifications for EZ Go electric golf carts, you notice a cart with a 36-volt motor is capable of 12 to 14 mph top speed.

What is the difference between EZ GO TXT and Rxv?

What is the Difference between EZGO RXV and TXT? The main differences between the EZGO RXV and TXT are that you can customize the RXV a lot more than the TXT. The RXV also has more horsepowerat 4.4HP, while the TXT only has 3HP. The EZGO RXV models are more customizable than the TXT models.

How do I read my ezgo date code?

The date code information you’ll need can be found in the last two digits of the code. If the last two digits are “14”, your vehicle is a 2014. The second label layout found on the front frame location contains the same information as the other labels but also includes the Model. For example, RXV, Freedom Electric.

How can I make my EZ Go golf cart 36 volt faster?

How to Make a 36 Volt Golf Cart Faster

  1. Remove any unnecessary additions, racks or parts on your golf cart.
  2. Power-wash your cart.
  3. Check the shaft under the ignition pedal.
  4. Put larger tires on the cart.
  5. Replace any old or worn-out parts that are causing the cart to move slower than it should.