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Is Relient K done?

Is Relient K done?

Relient K has found commercial success with their studio albums, three of which peaked in the top 15 of the U.S. Billboard 200 chart: 2004’s Mmhmm, which debuted at No….

Relient K
Genres Alternative rock, Christian rock, pop punk
Years active 1998–present
Labels Gotee Capitol Mono vs Stereo Jive RCA

Can a 12 inch vinyl be 45 rpm?

12 Inch Singles Generally cut at 45 RPM, they feature wider groove spacing and shorter playing time compared to LPs, which permits a broader dynamic range or louder recording level (among other benefits – see 45 RPM notes above). Twelve-inch records are popular in dance music, where DJs use them to play in clubs.

How do I identify a vinyl record?

Look on the spine of the LP record sleeve. First pressings will usually have a four letter/four number combination, such as ABCD-1234. And anything after a second or third pressing will have a two letter/five number combination, such as AB-12345. Go to or to verify your first pressing.

What type of music is Relient K?

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Is Five Iron Frenzy still together?

Five Iron Frenzy is an American band formed in Denver, Colorado, in 1995….

Five Iron Frenzy
Years active 1995–2003, 2011–present
Labels Five Minute Walk, Asian Man
Associated acts Brave Saint Saturn Exhumator Guerilla Rodeo Hearts of Palm The Hollyfelds Roper Yellow Second

Why does 45 RPM sound better?

The higher rotation speed of 45 RPM allows for a wider frequency response, and the larger available surface area allows for less compression of any signals with a wide amplitude. Bass is an example of a wide amplitude signal that sounds better on 45. Overtones and high treble are also better.

Did Matt Thiessen dated Katy Perry?

Thiessen was born in St. Catharines, Ontario. Thiessen dated future pop star Katy Perry for a time from 2003 until 2005, and wrote several songs with her and Glen Ballard during her early recording sessions.

How can you tell how old a vinyl record is?

You can check online at and punch in the catalog number to see what date your vinyl was produced. Check the cover of the album for an EAN code, which is a product identification barcode. If there is an EAN on the cover, then the album was produced after 1973.

When did Relient K start?

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