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What happened with Ludmila and Federico?

What happened with Ludmila and Federico?

In season three, Federico broke up with Ludmila after finding out she stole Violetta’s song,” Quiero”, although he was still deeply in love with her.

What episode do Ludmila and Federico get together?

In the Portuguese version of Violetta Federico called Ludmila “my love” in Italian. They broke up, in Season 3/Episode 029 , but they got back together in Season 3/Episode 035 .

Who plays Ludmila in Violetta?

Mercedes LambreVioletta
Ludmila/Played by

Although, later on in Season 3, there is a change towards Ludmila’s attitude. Ludmila is considered to be one of the main antagonists of the Disney Channel Original Series, Violetta. Ludmila Ferro is portrayed by Mercedes Lambre.

Does Violetta and Ludmila become friends?

They didn’t get along because Ludmila annoyed Violetta and hurt her. Ludmila always tried to make Violetta feel inferior and she always tried to get her to leave the Studio. In season 3, they actually end up becoming close to each other, and Violetta also helped her when her mother was mean to Ludmila.

Who are the characters in Violetta and fedemila?

Fedemila ( Fede /rico and Lud/ mila) is the friendship/romantic pairing of Federico and Ludmila Ferro . In the first season, Ludmila and Federico were enemies because Federico was Violetta’s friend and Ludmila hated her. But in Season 2, the two started to develop feelings for each other when Federico came back to Studio On Beat.

Why did Violetta help Ludmila with the song?

After Violetta got back from Spain, Pablo decided that Violetta would help Ludmila with the song. Both of them hated that idea, but they complied anyway. When the song was over, Ludmila sang it to Naty and upon hearing the lyrics, Federico smiled.

When did Federico and Ludmila have their first kiss?

When Federico and Ludmila are close to each other, Ludmila becomes a different person, someone who’s a lot nicer and kind, and Federico often tries to show everyone the Ludmila he sees. In Season 2, Episode 78, they share their first kiss and Ludmila finally starts to change – this time for real.