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What is code P0767?

What is code P0767?

P0767 is a diagnostic trouble code (DTC) for “Shift Solenoid D Stuck On”. This can happen for multiple reasons and a mechanic needs to diagnose the specific cause for this code to be triggered in your situation.

What does shift solenoid d stuck mean?

Shift solenoids are used to managed the hydraulic fluid transfer between circuits, and to assist in the process that allows a vehicle to decelerate and accelerate. If a solenoid (in this case, shift solenoid D) is not performing correctly, or is stuck in the off position, the engine will not perform at optimal level.

What does the shift solenoid do?

A transmission shift solenoid is what controls the flow of transmission fluid. It will determine the ideal time the transmission should be shifted and the control unit will send power to open the shift solenoid to allow transmission fluid to flow into the valve body.

How do you check a shift solenoid?

Raise up the vehicle with a jack and place jacks stands at all four corners to support it. Remove the bolts that are securing the transmission oil pan with a ratchet set and slide out the pan. This should reveal the solenoid that is attached to the transmission body.

Where is solenoid D located?

Where is solenoid D located? The solenoid is located just behind the transmission oil pan; you can also check the resistance to make sure it’s not what’s causing the problem before you replace it.

How do I fix code P0766?

What Repairs Will Fix P0766?

  1. Change the transmission fluid and filter.
  2. Replace failed shift solenoid.
  3. Replace or repair failed transmission pump.
  4. Repair or replace transmission valve body.
  5. Perform a transmission flush to clear passages.
  6. Repair or replace damaged wiring.
  7. Clean corrosion from connectors.

What are the signs of a bad transmission solenoid?

What Are the Warning Signs of Failing Solenoids?

  • Delayed or Erratic Gear Shifting. If you notice it taking a bit longer for your car to shift gears, it could be a failing solenoid.
  • You Can’t Downshift and/or Your Car Revs When Braking.
  • Your Transmission Gets Stuck in Neutral.
  • Your Check Engine Light Comes On.

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