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What is similar to Fontina cheese?

What is similar to Fontina cheese?

It’s a cheese well worth exploring if you haven’t already, but if you don’t have any on hand or have difficulty finding it, Gruyère, provolone, Gouda, or Emmental are all perfectly fine substitutes in most any recipe calling for fontina.

What can Fontina cheese be used for?

Fontina works great in hot dishes and melts very nicely. One common recipe is Baked Fontina, which is a combination of Fontina, olive oil, and herbs, and is served as a hot dip for bread. This cheese makes a great addition to sauces, sandwiches, pizzas, and pasta dishes.

Is Fontina and Fontinella the same thing?

Fontinella Cheese is a cow milk cheese and should not be confused with the Italian-made fontina cheese, which is a creamy semi-hard cheese. Fontinella, though sounding Italian, is actually made in North America, and has been produced for roughly a century.

Is Fontina like mozzarella?

Fontina is made from cow’s milk and mozzarella is made from the cousin of the cow, Buffalo. The stretch drying process of mozzarella is also very similar to fontina. The difference between mozzarella and fontina would be the aftertaste. The initial taste is nutty and savory, with very little sweetness.

Is Fontina good for pizza?

Fontina is a wonderful cheese to use in addition to mozzarella on a pizza. It’s smooth texture and tangy flavor make a delicious topping for any gratin, and this creamy cheese also melts nicely into soups, chowders, pasta or sauces.

Does Fontina Melt well?

Fontina, an Italian Alpine cheese, is sweet, supple, and mild, making it not only the perfect table cheese and pantry staple, but an ideal cheese to melt down for any recipe. …

What is Fontina cheese taste like?

At the feet of the Alps, in the Italian Aosta valley, lie the lush meadows upon which red-pied Valdostana cows provide the milk needed to produce Fontina. Incredibly rich and creamy, the flavors of this cheese are sweet and pungent, unveiling tones of butter and roasted nuts as it lingers on your palate.

Can I use Fontina cheese on pizza?

Prepare pizza dough and form circular crust on a baking stone, as for normal pizza, except form a higher outside edge on crust. Spread oil, garlic and herb mixture evenly over pizza crust. Then layer mozzarella cheese evenly over crust and finally top with fontina cheese. Sprinkle Parmesan over top.

Can I substitute Swiss for fontina?

Fontina is soft and buttery, which makes it an excellent choice for sandwiches or bruschetta. Due to these features and its high melting capabilities, it is considered a good alternative to Swiss cheese.