Common questions

What is spatial match?

What is spatial match?

DEFINITION. Given two sets of objects each with a location, a spatial matching is a matching between one set P of objects and another set O of objects such that a cost measuring the “goodness” of this matching is optimized.

What are spatial tools in alteryx?

The Spatial Info tool inputs spatial objects and extracts spatial information from them. The output information options include: area, bounding rectangle, centroid, end points, length, number of parts, peano key and spatial object type.

What is spatial data in alteryx?

Data visualization tools or geographic information systems have powerful geospatial visualization capabilities. Alteryx makes it easy to output the results of your enriched, spatially enabled data to them, so you can see and analyze your data based on a whole new set of location enabled attributes or metrics.

Can you open a .yxdb file and edit the records manually?

You can probably edit it via Filter / Formula tools depending on what the change is. However, it may be best to identify the source of the YXDB and modify that to give the correct output. One way to identify the appropriate YXMD is to use your favourite file explorer and search for *.

What is a convex hull alteryx?

Convex Hull: The Convex Hull polygon is the smallest convex polygon that can be drawn to include a set of points. The polygon does not contain any concave angles, so it never turns in on itself. Sequence Polygon: The polygon is drawn based on all the points within their sequential order.

Why would an organization use Alteryx?

Alteryx allows the organizations to quickly prepare, merge, and analyze data in the given time regardless of the skillset of business intelligence the staff beholds. Many organizations use Alteryx to have a swift turnaround in analyzing data without creating custom codes.

What does Alteryx software do?

Alteryx is a software solution that allows users to quickly access, manipulate, analyze, and output data. Data can be read and written to files, databases, and APIs. Alteryx also comes with functionality that enables predictive analytics and geospatial analysis.

Does YXDB support spatial objects?

yxdb is a file type that can hold data fields, values, and spatial objects.

What is default date format in Alteryx?

Alteryx uses the ISO format yyyy-mm-dd HH:MM:SS to represent dates and times. If a DateTime value is not in this format, Alteryx reads it as a string.

Can a polygon be concave?

A concave polygon is a polygon that is not convex. An example of a non-simple (self-intersecting) polygon is a star polygon. A concave polygon must have at least four sides.

Which tools use Drivetime engine alteryx?

In comes the drivetime engine – when you configure your Distance Tool to utilise the Drivetime Engine you get a way more realistic result because Alteryx uses the TomTom dataset….Alteryx’s Drive Time Engine

  • Drive Time Engine.
  • Geocoder.
  • DigitalGlobe Satellite imagery.
  • Postcode centroid coder.