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What is the slogan of Mother Earth?

What is the slogan of Mother Earth?

Earth is the only planet to have life, save the earth. Without earth, no one will take birth. If you destroy the earth, you destroy the chance of life. Save earth to continue living here.

How do you make a slogan for Earth Day?

Catchy Earth Day Slogans Celebrate Earth Day and be thankful! I’m Mother Earth and I approve this day-Earth Day. Earth’s animals love Earth Day, too! Soak up Earth Day!

How can we restore our earth slogan?

Save Earth Slogans

  1. Save earth, it’s worth more alive.
  2. Our planet, our home.
  3. We all need to live here. Save earth.
  4. Our planet is precious and only we can save it.
  5. Every decision we make can make or break the ground beneath our feet.
  6. Tread light, tread right.
  7. Save earth now or we go under.
  8. Climate justice for this climate chaos.

How can we protect the earth’s slogan?

What are the slogans for save Mother Earth?

Save earth slogans posters are a great way to inspire people, kids, students, friends and families to stand up and to raise voice in support of mother earth. Earth cannot wait as pollution is on the rise and most of the people just don’t take a step any further.

What are the slogans for Earth Day 2020?

Love the Mother Earth Slogans for Earth Day 2020 1 I love the earth 2 Be an earth lover 3 Love it or leave it 4 Earth, we love you 5 Earth, love it or leave it 6 Love our earth, love life 7 The Earth: Love it or leave it 8 Love the earth and be happy 9 Earth loves you. Love it back 10 Being earth lover is awesome

What are some slogans to help change the world?

Use these slogans for inspiration to take a hand in increasing the effort towards change. A clean earth is a happy earth! A Good Planet Is Hard to Find. Always act for safer earth!

Are there any posters that say protect Mother Earth?

These Protect earth pictures are with slogans which further add weightage to the message to earth safety. You can print or draw these images to get more innovative ideas on it. Schools can organize poster drawing competitions and all students can get inspiration from here.