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Who are the instructors at the Mindfulness Training Institute?

Who are the instructors at the Mindfulness Training Institute?

The Mindfulness Training Institute offers professional, yearlong mindfulness teacher trainings. Co-founded and co-directed by two friends and world-renowned teachers, who have been studying and teaching the art of mindfulness for decades.

Is the Insight Meditation Institute based on the teachings of Buddha?

This Mindfulness and Compassion program is based on the deep wisdom and the teachings of the Buddha. This program is particularly suited for those who are interested in incorporating and teaching mindfulness and compassion in various areas of work and life.

What are the Buddhist roots of mindfulness training?

Further developments will do the same. All this is, very traditionally Buddhist, the product of upa¯ya. Upa¯ya is an important theme in the Lotus Su¯tra. It tells the story of a rich man, whose children have a lot of toys to play with. At a sudden moment he realizes that the house is on fire and that his children are inside, playing. He calls:

When does the mindfulness training institute in Berkeley Open?

Runs from September 2022 to July 2023 and delivered via four, four-day-long in-person or online modules at the Shambhala Center in Berkeley, California. Martin has practiced meditation intensively since the age of 19, spending 4 years in Asian monasteries and with Himalayan hermits.

Which is the best mindfulness training in the world?

Whether or not you are a student of Buddhism, this training offers rare insight into the art of teaching these liberating practices. As one of the first mindfulness teacher trainings certified by the International Mindfulness Teachers Association (IMTA), MTI provides proven, practical pedagogy backed by expertise and experienced teachers.

How long have you been a mindfulness teacher?

The learning continues beyond the in-person modules, as teachers and students meet in monthly live online tutorials, as well as geographic-based “Pods” with fellow classmates; and one-on-one meetings with a skilled mentor. The two of us have been studying, practicing and teaching mindfulness for a combined total of over 60 years.