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Who built Sivasagar pond?

Who built Sivasagar pond?

Queen Ambika
This large tank was built by Queen Ambika , consort of Shiva Singha, in the year 1734. The water level of the tank never changes which highlights the advanced hydrology of the Ahom period. According to historian Mills, the tank was built in one night.

What is the length of Sivasagar tank?

The tank was constructed between 1731 and 1738 and the temples were built in 1734 by Bar Raja Ambika, queen of Ahom king Swargadeo Siba Singha (1714–1744). The height of the Sivadol (dol means temple in Assamese) is 104 feet (32 m) and the perimeter is 195 feet (59 m) at the base….Sivasagar Sivadol.

Completed 1734
Temple(s) 3

Why is the town called Sivasagar?

Sivasagar, formerly known as Rangpur, was the capital of the Ahom Kingdom from 1699 to 1788. It is said that the original name of Sivasagar was – ‘Kalansupar’ after the name of ‘Kalansu Gohain’ who resided in a village originally existed in the place where currently the Sivasagar tank is located.

Who dug the Joysagar tank and why?

Believed to be one of the largest man-made tank of the region, Joysagar Tank located in Sivasagar covers an area of 318 acres. The tank was dug by the Ahom King Rudra Singha in memory of his mother, Joymoti Konwari who died while trying to save her husband Gadapani’s life.

Which one is the largest man made tanks in Assam?

English: JOYSAGAR TANK,SIVASAGAR, Largest of all the tanks built by Ahom Kings in Assam. It is considered as the largest men made pond in India. The water level of the tanks stays at 14 feet higher than ground level.

Who built Shiva temple?

Considered to be the first temple built by the famous sage Parasurama, Lord Shiva in this temple is worshipped as Vadakunnathan. The temple is built in a typical Kerala style architecture using wood and stone, with huge towers standing tall on all four sides, along with a kuttambalam.

Who is the MLA of sivasagar?

2016 result

Party Candidate %
INC Pranab Gogoi 42.86
BJP Surabhi Rajkonwar 42.39
Independent Ashini Chetia 8.98
CPI Jiten Gohain 1.91

How did they go to sivasagar?

(b) How did they go to Sivasagar? Answer: They went to Sivasagar by a beautiful red ASTC bus. Answer: On their way to Sivasagar they saw many beautiful places including the famous Kaziranga National Park, beautiful green tea gardens, and paddy fields.

Which is the largest pond in Assam?

Who built Talatal Ghar in Assam?

Rajeswar Singha
Ahom King Rudra Singha constructed a palace from wood and such other locally available materials to which his successor Rajeswar Singha added some more stories making it a seven storied edifice. The upper four stories are known as Kareng Ghar, while the three underground floors are collectively called Talatal Ghar.

Which is the biggest tank in Asia?

A few kilometers away from Sibsagar is the place Joysagar. This enormous tank is said to be the largest man made tank in Asia. The unique feature of this tnak is that the water level is same throughout the year and the water level is at a higher level than the ground.