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Why do Swedes eat pea soup on Thursdays?

Why do Swedes eat pea soup on Thursdays?

Pea soup on Thursday has been a tradition in Sweden since the Middle Ages. It stems from the Friday fasting historically observed by the Roman Catholic church as a reminder of Jesus’ suffering and death on Good Friday. Thursdays had a somewhat festive aura and peas were considered a luxury item.

In what Nordic country do people traditionally eat pea soup on Thursdays?

Every Thursday, restaurants all over Finland serve pea soup for lunch, with oven-baked pancakes for dessert.

Do you have to soak whole yellow peas?

If using split peas, there’s no need to soak, so skip this step. If using whole peas, place them in a large bowl, and cover them by 3 inches of water. Cover and soak the peas for at least 8 hours or overnight. Drain and rinse; set aside.

What are popular foods in Sweden?

Top 10 foods to try in Sweden

  • Kanelbulle. If Sweden had a national food, it would, without doubt, be the cinnamon bun.
  • Filmjölk.
  • Oat milk latte.
  • Toast Skagen.
  • Foraged berries.
  • Herring.
  • Godis (pick ‘n’ mix)
  • Husmanskost.

What nationality is pea soup?

Pea soup

Finnish pea soup and pancakes served by Finnish Defence Forces
Alternative names Split pea soup
Type Soup
Place of origin Ancient Greece or Ancient Rome
Main ingredients Dried peas (split pea)

Where is pea soup eaten on Thursday?

Consumption of pea soup in Sweden and Finland dates back to at least the 13th century, and is traditionally served on Thursdays. This is said to originate in the pre-Reformation era, as preparation for fasting on Fridays.

What country is split pea soup from?

Ancient Rome
Ancient Greece
Pea soup/Place of origin

What is traditional Swedish food?

Swedish Food: 15 Most Popular Dishes to Try in Sweden

  • 1 – Köttbullar – Meatballs.
  • 2 – Räkmacka – Shrimp Sandwich.
  • 3 – Smulpaj – Crumble.
  • 4 – Semla – Sweet Roll.
  • 5 – Falukorv – Falu Sausage.
  • 6 – Ärtsoppa & Pannkakor – Pea Soup & Pancakes.
  • 7 – Sill – Pickled Herring.
  • 8 – Smörgåstårta – Swedish Sandwich Cake.

Is pea soup good for weight loss?

Being rich in fiber and protein, split pea can help you a great deal in your weight loss efforts. Even a small portion of this food is filling as it makes you feel fuller for longer. Plus, it is nutritious (rich in vitamins B1, B5, K, and folate, iron, magnesium, zinc, etc.) and fat-free.

Where to find Pea Soup and pancakes in Sweden?

The pairing is a common across Sweden on husmanskostmenus – those traditional, home-cooked dishes found at typical Swedish restaurants. Today you might spot ärtsoppa och pannkakor(pea soup and pancakes) at family gatherings, on children’s menus, at workplace cafeterias and even in tourist restaurants.

How to make Swedish yellow pea soup artsoppa?

1 pound dried yellow or green peas (whole if you can get them, but split ones work just as well) 8 cups water. 2 finely chopped onions (2 cups) 1 peeled whole onion studded with 2 cloves. 1 large chopped carrot (1/2 cup) 1 meaty ham bone -or- 2 to 3 ham hocks. 1 teaspoon dried thyme. 1 teaspoon ground ginger.

Where do they serve pea soup and pancakes?

Today you might spot ärtsoppa och pannkakor(pea soup and pancakes) at family gatherings, on children’s menus, at workplace cafeterias and even in tourist restaurants. But as tradition dictates, the dishes are only served on Thursdays.

How did the king of Sweden die from eating pea soup?

Legend has it that the king died after eating pea soup laced with arsenic. The marriage of pea soup and pancakes is said to date back to the 15th century, when Catholic Swedish kitchens served large meals on Thursdays in preparation for the Friday fast.